Figure 8 Lifting Straps

do you want to be able to use them for axle, or do you just plan to use them for a regular bar? For axle, I would use the largest size available. Definitely go for a smaller size if this is not the case.

I tried hook grip once but I had too much sand in my vagina to make it work.

Both. The axle seems to be part of a lot of shows around here. Had it in two shows. If I train without a specific competition in mind I use a regular barbell.
Would the larger strap also work with a regular bar?

Possibly the bar sits lower in your hand with hook grip giving you slightly better pulling position. This seems to be my case.

Spot on yeah. Straps are annoying man.

Cuts a cm or two off range I think. Which grip/strap do y’all train high volume DL with?

I don’t do much high volume deadlifting but when I do I use the regular straps. I think the 8s are cool but I am so used to the other type. Maybe I’ll switch when mine break

For me it extends my reach because I can push both shoulders forward and down. I’ve pulled more with a hook than without. Where it can get you is at the top getting your shoulders back and locked out.

Have tried out the Figure 8 Straps and love them.

Mine are a bit stiff and I can see how a softer pair would be more advantageous.

They slide along the bar easily enough so you can position them perfectly versus with loop+tails straps where if you wrap up a couple of inches off its you have to either say fuck it and lift or do the whole thing over again.

Will take a bit more practice but doing like Benni does in the video: you can tension the straps, without holding the bar and with your wrist in neutral (neither supinated nor promoted or hammer style) a bit wider then you want to grip. Then you twist your hands in and grip the bar.

This allows me to get a full tight grip on the bar and the feedback of squeezing as hard as humanly possible is awesome while the strap do their job.