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Fights That Should Happen But Never Will


Gomi vs Hughes
Couture vs Cro Cop
Fedor vs Lesnar
Arlovski vs Cro Cop
Wanderlei vs Couture
Fedor vs Couture IN RINGS KING OF KINGS 2000
Shogun vs Hendo
What else


Anderson Silva/Lyoto Machida
Jake Shields/GSP
Mike Swick/Thiago Alves
Jon Fitch/Josh Koscheck
Jon Fitch/Mike Swick
Mike Swick/Josh Koscheck
Tyson Griffin/Grey Maynard
Tito Ortiz/Rampage
Matt Hughes/BJ Penn III
Yushin Okami/Anderson Silva II
Forrest Griffin/Rampage II
BJ Penn/Shinya Aoki


Silva vs Machida
Barnett vs Mir
Overeem vs Carwin
Hansen vs anyone in the US. BJ, Sanchez, Edgar would be cool
Calvancanti vs the same list plus Maynard


BJ Penn//Matt Hughes 3 would be fucking awesome.


I second Hansen vs. anyone in the US. I believe he has what it takes to beat Penn at 155.


Jake Shields vs Nick Diaz


Might be old hat, but I think a Rickson-Sakuraba fight would be great.

preferably about 8 years ago.


Anderson Silva/Lyoto Machida

Would be amazing.


Chuck Liddell vs Jeremy Horn 3 or 4 whatever its at now they had battles


Nobody wants to see that again....hell,nobody wants to see Jeremy Horn again. I'd rather see them have a Tango competition after Chuck is done with Dancing With The Stars...lol.


I think Hanssen would do about as well as Kenflo


Nah,Hellboy has better chance than Kenflo. I think Hansen would murder Kenflo.


A lost to a lesser grappler than BJ in Aoki and the loss to Alvarez don't show me otherwise.


your high.


now your hugffing glue.


why are people asking for anderson vs machida- they are training partners/team members.
for that matter koschek vs swick???
again team mates.

drewh first list?????

gomi vs hughes- when was that fight ever relevant.
I cant get with some of your fights.

IN fact Gomi really isnt that relevant- both Matt Serra and Bjpenn
gave him the sonson when he was top dog

I think there are lots of fights that are happening- or happened and are not relevant

hanson vs some of the 155 would be interesting,
neiter he nor Aoki can really give BJ a legit run.

Fighters I am not interested in seeing.
fight again.
that might be a better list.

Chuck lidell. nuff said.
kazushi Sakuraba breaks my heart to watch.
Matt Hughes, or anyone else from that era of miletech- no longer relevant.
Mark Coleman.
couture vs most- not really relavant or interesting

not to be a wet blanket but some of the
"fantasy fights" are kind of lame simply do to relevance.


Nick Diaz vs Jake Shields would be worth seeing.


And that is why they should fight. Also,remember that Hansen TKO'd Aoki in rematch....and a loss to Alvarez(who's no chump himself) is no low point for his career.


Wasnt the Aoki fight in a tournament, Aoki will sub him in their next fight.


Sure. Why not? As long as Aoki's newfound Muay Thai skills don't go to his head.


It wouldve been stupid to grapple Shaolin