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Hey wats ups everybody, I've a question and I want some peoples advice. Now in a fight, a street fight to be more exact would it be good for me to try a double leg shot on a guy? Also would it be safe for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu dude to try ground fighting when the guy he's fighting goes crazy?


Leg shot or leg shoot?

As for BJJ, not unless you are breaking bones immediately. A pin is no good in a streetfight, especially if the guy has a knife in his pocket.


Nothing too technical! When it comes down to it I reckon hand speed is king. If a guy is going crazy it may be too risky to try a 'shoot' or a takedown and if it goes to the ground make sure you choke the guy from the guard position, especially if he has friends. Think about your distancing and what to utilise (kicks, hands, grappling).

Or just don't get into street fights : )


Now I dont want to disrespect any martial artist of any kind of style, but in my opinion doesn't it seem very dangerous for a grappler of any kind of style to be in a clinch or try to grab when a guy is just swinging away constantly with anger and adrenaline.


For the love of god NO!

Never take someone to the ground in a street fight. the ground is the worst place you can be, there could be buddies of his around waiting to kick your ass, the guy could have a knife, he could get on top and destroy your face, and any number of other scenarios.

When you are in a street fight try to stay on your feet at all costs. Also if it is a true street fight and you are just trying to protect yourself don't try to be too macho. Punch him in the throat or kick him in the knee and get the hell out of there.

The less time the other guy has to plan the better off you are, and remember, if your life or the life of someone you love is in danger their are no boundries as to what you should do. Remember that a good swift kick to the nuts will work in a pinch almost every time.

If it is a fight that you are doing just to be macho, don't do it. There are too many dishonest people out there that are perfectly willing to knife you to win a fight. If your ego is too big to just walk away at least try to stay on your feet.

The last thing that I am going to say is that aside from sport fighting there are anly three reasons that you should get into a physical fight with someone else.
1.) Your are in danger.
2.) Someone you love is in danger.
3.) Someone that cannot protect themselves is in danger.



thats interesting because you might be the first person i've heard of to treat fighting as it is and I applaud you.


well said!


Then what is your opinion on how grappling artists view fighting, would they possibily be in a suprise of their life? this question might seem like im putting down grappling, but im not and i have respect for them please understand that.




Even BJJ guys do not recommend taking the fight to the ground in a streetfight, they can however choke someone out while standing, as well as a variety of other standing submissions.

I would not recommend a double leg unless you are sure the guy won't knee you in the head when you shoot, or, you are fighting more than one guy at the same time. If you are one on one with an individual who is swinging wildly, shooting and putting him on his back has worked for me a few times, in the couple instances it didn't work I was bucked and thrown off the first time, and chased by the bouncers the second.


I second the above post and say fighting is a last resort. The only exception is law enforcement and security types. However, then, the purpose is not to fight, but control your suspect,patron,oppenent.

My philosophy has always been in a streetfight is unavoidable, as in the defense of yourself or loved ones, all rules are off. Your goal now is to disable your oppenent as quickly as possible with minimal amounts of harm to yourself.

Others may talk about technique, fancy styles, years training, standing or grappling. I like to simplify it.

KNEES, GROIN, THROAT, EYES. Those are the only targets you need, and attack them by any means neccassary. You can't walk, breath or see and you can't fight. If somebody has a hold on you, grab thier groin or eyes, they'll let go.
With any use of force, you risk injuring, maiming or killing another. Be sure you need to use it if you do use it.


To Combat Medics list of targets I add xiphoid and ears. If your opponent cannot breath he cannot fight. And a good shot to the ear will completely disorient anyone.



I completely agree with MONSTER and SLIMJIM.

  • Avoid a streetfight as much as you can. Its just not worth it.

  • BJJ would help, IF it went to the ground (and you used strikes), but I definetly wouldnt suggest trying to take the person straight to the ground.

  • Last, keep in your head that a simple streetfight to you might not mean the same to someone else.

While some people/places after the fight is over, its over. In other cases with people/places, it might not be over untill the next time that person sees you and tries to kill/etc... you. May sound very extreme but like I said, what seems like just a street fight to you might mean something completely different to someone else.


A throw might be effective. I have had a lot of luck with them, but I also had 8 years of practice on the mat first. Want to realy fuck someone up fast? Tie up(grapple) at the head and shoulders, pull their left arm down and throw the right arm up while sidestepping and closing the gap to the right. lock
around their waist-trapping the left hand to the outside.

Drop hips and throw them up and over, twisting to your left. Slap the opponent head first off of the concrete. That will knock the starch out of them, and from start to finish only takes about two seconds.


Just want to second what everybody else said about fighting and also give you a real world example of why you shouldn't try taking your opponent to the ground.

Not long ago, me and three other friends had some guys start some shit with us on a college campus. One guy managed to grab me from the side while I was fightin another guy, and he put me in a guiollitine (sp?) choke. We went to the ground and before I passed out, one of my friends kicked him square in the ribs. He immediately broke his grip and I smashed his face. Unless there's no way to avoid it, stay on your feet!


Hi, Im new to this forum.

As a martial artist of 12yrs, I have talked about this topic many times. It all comes down to level of risk. A martial artist must assess the level of risk beofre reacting. Some times you dont have time and just try to defend your self.

But remember, the work "attack" is serious. and diffrent from "fight"

If your in a fight, it is most probalble that you have choosen to fight. someone has done something wrong and you have acted. In this situation then BJJ is good because it trains you to take down an oponent with little force, breaking limbs. This is reasonable force, causing pain and short term damage.

However if you are "attacked" your life may be in danger. This is when more traditional martial arts come into play. If your life is an danger it is ok for you to use more effective methods, such as aiming for the neck and eyes and spine.

You wouldn't crush a guys wind pipe and break his knee just because he tryed to steal a ladys purse, you would do more time than him!!!!


jus really to reitterate what everyone said lol! y go for a shoot unless you have to, or you know who is around that isnt on your side and could walk up an kick you in the head. so unles that number is zero, then moving to the ground isnt the best option... you dont no wat can happen.

also bjj = mats, practice, technique. try doin that shit when you've jus hit the ground sideways an smashed your elbow up on the pavement an you cant turn on teh ground without rippin yourself to shreds as well.


Thats why ppl have to ask themselves if there martial art is practical.

If you train take-downs on matts all the time you'll not know how hard the ground is. (I can tel you the ground is very hard, Ive been there once and I didnt care for it too much)


95% of all street fights end up on the ground. Unless you are gifted with Roy Jones' hand speed and years of upright fight training you are going to get popped, 100% POSITIVE. Relize you are going to get hit, tuck your chin and close the gap or, if he or she is swinging wildly, hit a power double and use your opponent as a cushion.

Surviving a fight with multiple opponents involves a little skill and a whole lotta luck. In this situation being able to take a shot and continue is probably a person's best asset. All you can do is weather the storm and dispatch each opponent as quick as possible. In a previous post eyes, groin, throat, anything that is extremely painful.


i don't think that would be a good idea, the best thing on a fight, is to go for it first, you never loose... if the guy has a knife or a weapon, (if you feel confident enough of your abilities)... focus on the weapon, approach the guy/girl so you limit there range of motion, so much, he wont be able to swing or stab you+ this has to be coupled with a grappling movement, if not, youll end up in the hospital LOL