Fighting with the Scale and Stuck

I am having a very hard time losing weight I dropped from 200 pounds being 5’7’’ to 160 pounds and still carry most of my body fat in my stomach and back.I guess you would say I have a Endomorph body type. I count my calories and keep foods clean. But for the past 9 months there has been very little change with the scale it will not drop!!!

I do cardio five days a week in the morning for a hour. Then I go to the gym
and I lift and work on my core in the evening, mind you I sweat like crazy and I keep my heart rate high. I gotten a lot stronger with weights and tighter in my legs (thank you dead lifts and squats) but the problem is the scale will not move under 160 pounds if anything it goes 3- 5 pounds above.

This is very strange to me and it getting me so upset. I eat around 1400-1600 calories mostly natural peanut butter, cottage cheese, eggs and egg whites, veggies, whole grain bread, apples, yogurt,chicken, protein shakes and nuts… I am a student so the food at school is gross and there is not much to choose from.

A regular day of food is
Morning breakfast
Fish oil,se7en and vitamins.
1 cup cottage cheese
3 eggs and liquid egg whites
1 slice of whole grain bread or a banana

nuts almonds or peanuts

yogurt and fruit
or turkey and ham sandwich with veggies

salad eggs sometimes chicken
whatever the hall is serving that is not repulsive and full of garbage
cottage cheese and peanut butter

Postworkout shake

Hour after before bedtime
peanut butter
Nuts and or shake

Like I said I do cardio for a hour in the morning before breakfast
then in the evening I lift and work with high reps, and take very short rest periods. Should I change my eating again cut all carbs out? I understand that eating is very important with losing…
Please help


To elaborate what supabeast said, where do you go from 1400 kcal? Now from your writing style and avatar you’re either gay or a woman, and I take it to be the latter since you’re around 160.

I’d recommend looking up an extremely low carb diet, like the Anabolic Diet. There’s a great thread over in Supplemens and Nutrition full of people who have both lost and gained using it. it works well for both, especially in losing fat and keeping the muscle since you’re relying on fat for fuel rather than the small ammounts of carbs you’re getting.

As for the ‘eat more’-bit,do what the diet says in the induction period where you basically eat close to 0 carbs for 12 days. Expect to lose quite a few pounds and get tighter all over during that phase.

But, go over there and ask the question there. They’ll no doubt help you.

Replace bread with vegetables. Bread is a killer for me.

Forget about the scale, and use your mirror instead. Weight means nothing, it’s body fat that you want to lose. Use the waistband in your clothing as a guide to fat loss around the middle. Who cares what you weigh, as long as that band gets looser on you.

That being said, you need to eat more in total calories, get more protein and drop your carbs. Looks like your fats may be high with all the nuts, PB and dairy, too.

Aim for 2000 to 2200 calories every day.

180 to 200 grams of protein
70 to 90 grams of healthy fats
160 to 200 grams of carbs

I know this doesn’t add up EXACTLY as percentages to total caloric intake, it’s just a rough guideline.

You need lots more green leafy veggies, and veggies in general. Try dropping the dairy. Sometimes people lose fat faster without dairy, sometimes not. Everybody’s different, you need to experiment. Drop the bread for now, maybe just one slice whole grain only.

And throw your scale out the window. Did I mention that???

Good luck.