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Fighting (The Movie)


Fight Club part 2. AND its PG-13. You mother fuckers are about to have company.

The man from Step Up can apparently throw hands like Kimbo Slice.


I hope you seriously know this movie has nothing to do with the movie based off the chuck palahniuk book "fight club". This movie is a bullshit, pissbitch, party of cock rubbing homosexuality. Might as well be richard simons "sweating to the oldies: pt. XXI".


Rule #1

*We do not talk about Fight Club


lol im gonna watch it, it doesn't look too bad..probably predictable, but yeah ill check it out.


that being said

just because you look like you can fight in movies doesnt actually mean you can..so comparing him to kimbo slice is just stupid..
remember JC Van Damm,cool in movies not so much in real life,didnt he get punched out or something lol


Now you guys can't handle me saying this, just wait until people join Boxing, MA, and MMA gyms wanting to be like Channing Tatum.

Better yet, start their own underground fight club.


Hopefully its better than "Never Back Down". The trailer of "Fighting" looks like it already is.


thats true

but the real thing i wanna see is the girl in your avatar mud MMA lol

who is she


people are already training mma because of the tv exposure an the mvies that have already came out like the let down Never back Down


Wait, what are you talking about?

I looked up "Fight Club Part 2" and nothing really came up.

Are they really going to destroy that awesome movie with a fucking sequel?


I convinced some girl that it was my biography


Nah, I'm just fucking around. I assume that people will forget "Fight Club" and "Fighting" will take its place. Not because its better, but because its recent and kids forget shit.


Oh no...Fight Club is safe. This movie is called "Fighting." Its like Lionheart meets Never Back Down.


Wol,our avatars should mate...would make some demonic offspring.


I didn't forget about Critters...


If you thought Fight Club was about fighting, you kind of missed the point.




That's why it's an awesome movie. I don't think the fight scenes even registered really to me as fight scenes... it wasn't like Gladiator.

And that is going to suck. I thought never back down was going to be like that, but we dodged that bullet. I believe that I saw the trailer for this movie... is he like shadowboxing on a train or something?


but but but.... kung le is in it....


oh well, at least I'll have new retards to train with for the few months that they last