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Fighting the Bullsh*t in Fitness Advertising


So i'm a 3rd year university student who gets to spend a fair bit of time at home during the daylight hours. One of the pleasures (if you can call it that) of being home alot is that i whitness a plenty of daytime TV. Now i'm not sure what daytime TV is like overseas, but here in Australia we have a bunch of mid morning news-and-entertainment style programs.

Most of these programs run for a couple of hours, and ALL of them include at least a 2-3 of informercials.

One trend i keep noticeing is companies tirelessly flogging these ridiculous abdominal machines. The ads make ridiculous statemets like "you could be losing inches while you watch tv." And they always include the before and after photo of some fat lard, who now has washboard abs, a barrel-chest and strong arms. Yeah... like all that came from doing crunches.

These advertisments all imply (directly or indirectly) that their machines can spot-reduce fat, which i'm sure most of you guys and girls know is a complete myth. So how is it that these companies are allowed to make such ridiculous and deliberatly misleading claims? They're doing nothing but perpetuating a cycle of ignorance in pursuit of a quick dollar.

Im seriously considering some sort of campaign to get this shit off TV, but i dont have a clue where to start.


AB Circle Pro is one of my favorites. Be sure to watch the video if you haven't seen the demonstration before.



The ab lounge is what got me my 12 pack...highly recommended


A 12-Pack? Wow.... maybe i should get one :stuck_out_tongue:


Read the essay "Silly Bullshit" by Mark Rippetoe.


It's great of you to have this idea! I will be supporting you 100%!!

I'll start by educating people the real power of lifting weights by showing phenomenal testimonials such as being able to run faster, jump higher, etc... It's the best way to start. If you want to fight the immortal empire of bowflex, you have to be able to compete with it. Elitefts should start advertising in live TV.


Why aren't you working?


Get a job.


I work evenings and weekends :wink:, and all my uni classes are held over three days. So i'm often at home around mid-morning (The Infomercial Happy-Hour)


Can't beat the JumpSnap http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Va2Ydlf2cqc


I'd support your cause only because the commercials run waaay too long and are annoying. The people who believe that you can build an 'incredibly lean and muscular physique while watching tv' are the target market for these companies. I'm sure most of the people that work for the company are also aware of it too. It's all about money in today's economy.

These said companies want to keep people in the dark about training because it keeps them in business. The sad thing is, whatever machines are advertised will sell like crazy with I'm sure incredible profit.


Oh my god! it uses the MOMENTUM OF GRAVITY!

I've gotta get one now.

I've been wasting my time all these years...


If you have time to do watch that kind of BS, you could probably do something more productive.


Is that for real?
Its just... sticks.

You're right. That can't be beat.





jumping rope is hard because of the rope

if you arent doing it right the rope will hit or trip you (the rope makes sure you work hard)

so you take the rope off the jump rope to make it easier

now you can go about it half assed because theres no rope to make sure you're doing it right

this is the part where i do the face palm.


I know how you feel, I wish I had thought of it first.


I loved the woman getting mad and throwing the jump rope on the table like a 5 year old fuck that was good stuff ahahh


So why isn't everyone jumping rope? Because ITS TOO HARD AND IT TAKES A LOT OF SKILL AND COORDINATION!! Even if you can't jump just bend your knees and you'll still get a great workout, without the impact!


I'm pretty sure the jumpsnap is an intelligence test.


Agreed, anyone who purchases it should be hunted down and sterilized for being too fucking dumb to jump rope.