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Fighting Someone Taller


im just curious how would you guys go about fighting or defending yourself against someone taller. Im not looking to go beat someone up haha but i decided to box my dad yesterday for fun and i got killed, he has such a longer reach on me and thats mainly why.

I also seem to get into problems with people who are taller than me so im was always curious is the best way to take them down to the floor and fight that way or how would you guys do it.


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Sweep the leg!


kick him in the nards! (ok movie geeks what movie is THAT from?)


Get in close so he cant use his reach. If its a real fight not just slap boxin with the pops I would take him down to the ground (In a controlled enviroment) to elliminate the striking range all together.
Then again I understand and use the ground game alot and standup...If you dont know how to fight hit him with something long and run the other way.


When I was boxing or kickboxing for that matter, anytime I was fighting someone in my weight class but taller, getting inside usually meant the win. It also helped that if they were the same weight as me yet taller, it almost always meant I was stronger, faster and had better balance. I preferred to fight guys taller than me for that reason. Be careful of being on the outside when you don't have the reach advantage; just because you can't hit him doesn't mean you're out of his range.


I would do the same, try for some close body shots, knees if real fight then I would go for the takedown and work them. (just need Nominal Prospect to tell us there is no such thing as a ground game now :slight_smile:

If just boxin with your old man then still close contact, you always walking forward guard up again going for the body. If all else fails just bring out the windmills.


That's not the Goonies is it? I only remeber the next line where this fat kid says, Wolfmen have nards?...


The Monster Squad:


just attack them like they killed your family or something..

Go straight for a kick in the balls as hard as possible, punch them in the throat, gouge their eyes, snap their wrist, kick their ribs, elbows to the back of the head, etc. etc.


Headbutt. They never see it coming.


Headbutt in the chest? Could work


Or in the groin (depending on how much taller your opponent is).


Absolutely. Especially, if it's Manute Bol.



Isn't this a no-brainer? Height = distance = close it.

As far as styles. I advocate Wing Chun and BJJ.



This line was said a few times on last night's episode of "Chuck".


Unless you are significantly more skilled, the fighter with the longer reach will win in a straight boxing match.

Leg kick him until he cant stand anymore, or ground and pound his ass.

Although maybe I shouldn't recommend pounding your fathers ass.


haha thanks guys, but i was not looking to beat my dad up lol. tht was just an example. THis was a question for a real fight haha. Now i just need to learn how to use a ground game hahaha


Close the gap and take it to the ground. Unless the guy is significantly heavier, this works just fine.
The only thing you need to watch for with someone with a much longer reach, as long as there is no weight advantage, is to avoid sparring with him cos it will cost you points since its easier for him to land a punch.


You stand corrected.