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Fighting Someone High on Meth


Is it a bad idea to fight someone who is high on meth even if you're bigger and stronger? I'd be concerned that the high person would have pain inhibition and not feel any pain from your attacks.


I would recommend emptying your GLOCK into them.


Its only a good idea if you are high on PCP.


I'd go in for a choke and then wouldn't let go until the mofo was asleep or dead.


Well at least you wouldn't feel guilty about hurting them afterwards.


Why do you want to fight a meth head? Did they steal your copper, bro?


Your goal in a fight shouldn't be causing pain anyways... A solid hit on the jaw will fix it wether he's tripping balls or not.


Skip to about 45-50 sec or so. Maybe not a good idea? Although I have no idea what the difference between angel dust and pcp is.


Maybe, maybe not.

A punch to the throat would be better. It doesn't even have to be a solid shot.

OP: Why are you even asking?


I got in a brawl with a tweaker once. Yeah, I had to choke him out, before he'd stop fighting. I hate tweakers. Who the hell carries a metal ashtray under their vest? I tackled him because I thought it was a knife. Half my size, and I ended up rolling on the cement with him. Was spouting all sorts of weird crap about being a member of the mexican mafia before I dove on him. I ended up on top of him, and he still didn't stop fighting until I started head-butting him.

Worst part was, when it was over, looking up at my friends just standing around staring at me. I mean, come on.

So yeah, tweakers suck.

Oh, and watch out. They always have weird weapons. They've sold off any firearms they have for drugs. Instead they have make-shift crap, straight out of a mad max movie.


Are you insane? Have you ever seen 8 police officers try to subdue just one guy on that stuff?


ImHungry is right on....If you can get a solid strike at someones throat with a webhand strike, i dont care what they are on it fuckin works....ive had my experiences in dealing with people high on all sorts of shit and striking to the throat works every single time...chokes are great, but if your smaller than that person or if they are with a friend its rather hard to put a choke onto someone unless your excellent at self defense or you can hold on while the other guy is beating your skull in...strike to throat is quick, effective, relativly easy, and it allows you to stay off the ground incase that person is with a friend..


My sibling (refuse to call him brother) is an utterly worthless meth addict who bullies, harrasses and abuses my mother until she gives him money. I have decided that the only appropriate response is a severe physical beating. Some things can only be resolved with violence and this is one of them.


and the question we are all asking is why the fuck do you want to pick a fight with a guy high on meth haha


Try and let us know. It can be a race to see if you can fight someone on meth before HM trips a lunk alarm. Fortunately, my account is pre-renewed for the next 20 years.


I had the shit beaten out of me by a man on PCP when I was 13 years old. I don't even remember how I got away...


still might not be a good idea.


I want to beat him with a police baton, but I'm pretty sure that would lead to jail/prison.


They are the same.

You shouldn't fight someone when they are obliterated on anything though. A person missing inhibition or moral compunction is not even capable of conceiving of the idea that it was bad that they killed you.

They may feel terrible about it later, but thats a bit late.


Why not get the cops involved?