Fighting Old Age lol!

looks like you’re giving Father Time a run for his money! Great work!

Thanks Paul if I can look as good as you when I get your age I will be happy! Do you do a lot of competing?

here is a picture from about three years ago dam I’m glad I keep going with my training!

this is about a year ago

about three years ago

In the above pictures I was about 175 the one on the left I am about 195 to 200.I’m now 220

I hope I can find one that will show what I look like when I was 250 and fat before I started training.I think I may have one.I have a lot of pictures to go through.I will post if and when I find it.

21/2 years ago

my diet is kind of simple. I’ll have oatmeal,special K,or eggs in the morning with a piece of fruit and a v-8.I snack on beef jerky, protein bars and hard boiled eggs until lunch. I’ll have paste or pretty much what i want for lunch If I’m going to have a “bad meal this is when I do” I’ll also have another v-8. For dinner I’ll have chicken breast with hard boil eggs and a v-8 or turkey and hard boiled eggs. On the weekends I get my fish and steaks.

squats- 4x315 6-10 rep
dead left 3x8 265
bench 1x365
this is my basic lefts.I move them around in my work out.If I do squats first and I get to 10 reps a set and I have gas still left in the tank then next time I move squats to the end of my workout.

Legs and calf’s on Saturday
chest and tri’s on Sunday
Legs and calf’s on Tuesday
Thursday back and bi (I’m thinking of also doing calf’s on Thursday to)
abs on leg days

Three years ago

taken today 5/28/09 18 inch going for 20’s

a better back shot

[quote]Ben641964 wrote:
Thanks Paul if I can look as good as you when I get your age I will be happy! Do you do a lot of competing?
Thanks, but I have a feeling you’ll look better! I did one comp this year, but I skipped last year, and did 2 the year before. They are all in Tucson or Sierra Vista, so not too far.

I hope I look like that when I’m 44…good job!

I’m not trying to take anything away from your progress…But you ARE NOT OLD! Very nice work on your part, But as far as I’m concerned we need to change our expectations, It’s a shameful when we are amazed by how we SHOULD look. Again, nice work…I wasn’t meaning to diss you.