Fighting Old Age lol!

Seeing how far I can take my body. One day I would like to compete for the fun of it to see were I place, but that will not be for some time.I want to add more size to my legs.I have 26 thighs and only 16 1/2 calf’s want to get my thighs up to 30.I started with 20’s so I think I can add 4 more inches in two years.I really hit them hard.

I go real heavy on Saturday’s and light and high rep on Tuesday.I’m trying something new with my calf’s to see if that will help them grow.I do 8 reps of calf raises with a 2 second hold at top an bottom and then a ten second rest then I jump up and down with a 1/4 of my body weight on a barbell 30 times.

Just started so I hope I get some gains out of this routine will see. (I do this super set four times)I plane to do three times a week.I got this routine off T-Nation.I will post picture of the progress.(big calf’s do run in the family my brother and son have nice calf’s.It is just that I neglected them when I was young big mistake but nothing hard work can not cure.

Let me know what you think of this super set calf routine (I only had an inch an half gain in four years on my calf’s so I need something new. what I been doing isn’t getting me enough gains as I should. I feel I should of had more gains in my calf’s
Trying to fight old age! lol!!!

post more pics, Legs, Back, read the stickies.

good job. period.

Thanks will post pictures of my legs and back. Need to take some never even thought about it.I work out because I love to don’t really have any goals just the love of the sport.

Fighting old age eh? Well your kicking it straight in the nads brotha! Good job!

work in progress!

work in progress

I had some real chicken legs when I started and I know I have a long why to go but I am working hard as hell on them! When I started 20 inch thighs and 141/2 calf’s Now I have 26 thighs and 16 calf’s started at 40 was fat 250 went down to 175 came back up to 215 nothing but muscle this time not bad I don’t think for an old guy of 44

better picture of my back

If my mom was single i would totally tell her to meet u

what an awkward back double bi…

how old are you?

you look awesome dude!! much higher than 6.1 IMO

[quote]HolyMacaroni wrote:
what an awkward back double bi…

how old are you?

you look awesome dude!! much higher than 6.1 IMO[/quote]

I’m 44 and thanks!

Thanks for the compliments!

I’m going to start leaning up. I’m going to go visit my son on June 18th so I want to be at my best.

You look ripped. I’m 43 and took over a year off hard training. The muscle comes back fast but it is hard getting lean again. I gave you a 9.

My goal is to hit 20 inch guns before I turn 48.But my main goal is just to see how far I can take my body.Meaning I just want to see how big and cut I can get. I want to push it to the limit and beyond. My son is into the sport two. He started young. He has some bad ass guns.He is well rounded.I hope he turns pro one day.I’m going to visit him in June.Look forward to training with him! I started when I was 250 and all gut! At 38 I started dieting and I would do sit ups one day and push ups the next.It got to were I was doing 2000 sit ups in a set. I did that for 9 months 2000 sit ups in one set every other day.On my 40th birthday my girl bought me a gym membership to gold’s gym. I went and was hook.

I hired a trainer who work out with me for a couple of months and then I went on my own.This picture I upload with this messages is me after I lost the weight and doing all the those push ups and set ups at home. I was at the gym for maybe 2 months when this picture was taken. I was 40 then. My son is 27 (the picture on the right my weight is about 170 the one on the left I am about 195

Great man, keep fightin’ mother time! Watch the T-levels, lots of women, lots sleep, watch the stress & of course the diet, and your good to go.

Good Job…over 40? Thats impressive!

[quote]HolyMacaroni wrote:
what an awkward back double bi…

how old are you?

you look awesome dude!! much higher than 6.1 IMO[/quote]

yeah I was using a timer on my camera did not get to set double bi pose right will take and post another one soon and thanks!

Way to go man…keep it up!