Fighting Nerves

I wish that I had started as a skinny 14 year old instead of a fat thirty year old.

You got nowhere to go but up if you keep at it, and after a couple of years you’ll be the bad ass 16 year old surpassing some of those guys.

Just keep going…and eat everything mom puts on your plate.

Realize your BEAST within.

I work out at a university gym so we get a lot of Alpha Male dinks, especially those who show up in their expensive bright Guess t-shirts, spray themselves with shitload of Axe and make a lot of noise while bench-pressing for 5 reps with 10min rest times.

I started when I was 30 - no muscle mass on me whatsoever, I definitely didn’t fit in. But I’ve been working hard and just doing my thing and now I’m one of the few guys who gets to chat with the regular big dudes there and sure man, that makes me feel special lol.

Just make sure you focus on proper form and have a solid plan and ignore the dinks. But if they don’t leave you alone, just change gyms.