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Fighting Love Handles with Receptormax?


Anybody use this stuff to fight the love handle madness? Does this stuff help?


Check out the Glucose Dispersal Agents thread just below this thread. Yes, Receptormax is very good for fighting love handles (it's the first thing that tightens up on me when I use it), as are many other products.

Also, try to stop eating so many carbs.


Interesting read on the glucose dispersal agent stuff.
My bottle of receptomax showed up friday so i've been taking the stuff for 3 days. Don't feel any different, don't expect to either its only been 3 days. Will give this stuff a chance for about a month and see what comes out of it.

I have a problem with carbs. I love them and I only eat them in the whole food fruity version of carbs. I don't do the typical oatmeal, rice, beans, potato e.t.c. I find those types of complex carbs pack on fat pretty damn easy and make me feel like crap. As much as I love eating those types of carbs unfortunately I don't have a gizzard to digest that type of bird food.


hey can you tell us how it goes? i'm really interested in this


I guess a little background might make this more interesting. I've been doing the 80-10-10 raw vegan diet off and on for the past year. Thats a 80% carbs, 10% protein, 10% fats. One thing i noticed right away when sucking down 80% carbs via fruit was my recoveries after a workout were pretty damn quick and The soreness i usually get is down to a minimum or non at all. And i'm totally cool with that because i hate hobbling around like i just got butt rapped in prison because of DOMS.
After eating like this for a year and training hard i'd figure there be a change in my body composition but that didn't happen. Then i did some research, came across love handles and insulin resistance and a bunch of nonesense about carbs and so forth and so on. I think I was born with love handles and have a family history of diabetes so I said hmmmmmm, maybe its an insulin thing that going on with me. Can't get tested because i don't have insurance and i'm broke.

As of now i'm tweaking my diet. Right now i'm around 65% carbs, 25% protein, 10% fats. I started supplementing with sunwarrior protein powder. I'm chugging about 150g of that stuff a day but that powder it to damn expensive to be throwing back like that. Might have to go with some true protein. Been doing this for a week straight. I'm 6'1" 200lbs so I chowing down around 2300 calories. So far my stomach isn't as poofy as it usually is and don't feel it flopping around as much. Its only been a week so I'll see how it goes in another week.


80% carbs - wow - that's hard for me to imagine.


Yes at first it seems a bit over the top. Especially in the body building world were fruit sugar from a apple gets categorized with that of a soda, folks have been trained to fear all sugars. Screw that, there's nothing like a big ass fruit smoothie after a workout. I'm not talking about no gay ass 1 banana and a couple of scoops of protein powder shake. Thats not a fruit smoothie, that's a protein powder water drink with a banana in it for flavor. I'm talking 6-10 bananas and some protein powder. It also saves a ton of money on worthless multi-vitamins that pretend to be vitamins. ok ok ok. I'm not trying to knock anything, i just have a week spot for food and fruity sweet natures crack yummyness. I say you all try copious amounts of fruit for a few days, your lady friends will really appreciate your 'taste' and you'll thank me for it.


dude youre going to die on that diet. If you have low back fat, side fat and non-visible abs, you have an insulin problem. There are other issues as well you should look into. Check out this guys blogs as he has some good advice, stories, testamonials about vegans
you can also check out things by Mat LaLonde and Robb Wolf who are also ex-vegans.

That high a carb with Receptormax, I dont see causing any difference.


do you have a pic of your physique?

I'm interested to see what the body looks like of someone who eats like you do (not being patronizing here. I am truly very curious)


gregon: check out that freetheanimal site I posted above. A few pics of people up there. It has one sad story of a kid who was gona be a star basketball player - switched to vegan for whatever reason - gained a ton of weight, became too week to play basketball - got fat - got tits - got sick - but still rocks vegan...


Apparently any type of diet is going to kill you depending on who you ask. Like I said i'm still tweaking out my diet to find something that works hence why i cut back the carbs, upped the protein. I'm taking it step by step instead of the all at once approach i normally take.

Thanks for that link. I read the story about the basketball kid. Yea that website he got his info from is full of radical new age militant nut bags. But like any other diet you'll also have your 'success' stories as well and there are quite a few on that site as well. The problem I find when researching nutrition is that everybody is right and nobody is wrong.

I have read about the paleo diet before and it peaked my interest and I thought maybe i'd give it a wack. Just so you know, i'm not the type that jumps for diet to diet and workout to workout program every other week. I like to stick to something and see it to the end. In saying that I haven't much success when it comes to physique so i'm making changes and paleo mey be in my future.


You wouldn't want to see a picture, you'd vomit. In my bathroom my mirror is at eye level and only big enough to see my head so I can shave. I did this because when i had a full sized mirror whenever i would catch a glimpse of myself I would have involuntary muscle contractions in my abdomen and i'd puke. It was like Pavlovian bolemia..........j/k. My physique looks like a 6'1" 200lb dude with no muscles and a band around the waste. Not pretty, but i've always looked like that since i could remember.


You are insulin resistant and are expecting a massively high amount of carbs to help?

You die hard vegetarians crack me up.


Stupid cocksuckers

A 100% Raw Vegan Success Story




Die hard my ass. I ate some chicken today, had some beef taquitos a couple of days ago, steak the day before that. I'm ok with meat, problem is that shit ain't cheap and is more of a luxury when your broke. Read above man, i'm still learning how to tweak my diet, specifically towards knocking out the hate handles and dealing with a possible insulin sensitivity I didn't know I had. So if you have any productive advice you can offer please, something specific than that would be appreciated. Saying "cut back carbs" doesn't help much, be specific, give me some links, whatever.


On the same site that kid got his info from there are quite a few folks there that aren't speaking out that are experiencing the same thing this poor guy has. I brought it up on that forum and pointing out that diet doesn't work for all. That forum has the group think mentality that apparently everyone body is the same so grubbing 30 bananas a day works for all. Bringing up these points got me banned for questioning their religious belief system. With saying that there is also quite a bit of folks who have leaned out on that diet as well.
Scroll through the pictures here http://www.30bananasaday.com/forum/topics/811-gladiators
These guys are like crackhead lean and all lean towards endurance type activities. So what does all this prove?


It proves they crazy! Im just kidding man. But if you hear the dude from that website speak he literally sounds like a fanatical nut. He is. The guy from freetheanimal and 30 day banana went at it on an online debate. It was nucking futs. 30 day was saying eating meat causes people to fuck their sisters and all kinds of weird things, similar to how a scientologist debates. He is gona be on the livinglavidalow carb show next.

I think you are headed a good direction man. Like I said, If you look into people like Mat LaLonde and Robb Wolf, they are Xvegans with their own horror stories. But these are your average joes, SUPER educated mother Fers that will give you some really spot on responses. I think adding meat back in and creating a tolerance is a good idea. Switch from all heavy fruit to replacement of a little starch and veggies. If you can cut the fruit and go to starch and veggies. LaLonde talks a lot about how fructose is worse than starch as far as response to insulin.

You are basically doing something insane, by definition. You changed expecting a certian result, the result didnt happened but actually went the other direction and you continue to do it anyways expecting it the change in another direction. Good on ya that you are trying to reverse this now. The above comments, as harsh as they might seem because they are internet comments and internet comments are like one nights stands, dirty and cheap, they are correct. Your body is developing X syndromes from what you decided to put into it. Now you just have to systematically change it. Id have to read back to see how long you have been doing this But my advice: balance out macros to even maybe:
Week 1: 80% - 10% -10%
Week 2: 70% - 20% -20%
Week 3: 60% - 30% - 30%
Week 4: 50% - 40% -30%
Week 5: 40% - 50% - 30%
Carbs - pro- fat
Etc. Once you get carbs below 40% then I would suggest other protocols that should help 100%.

As a side note: being a Paleo guy, who has a "cert" and teaches this stuff, I have NEVER seen anyone get sick. It is always the opposite. Does that mean its the end all be all, yes and no. You have to make it work for you. But if it is giving you an unwanted result, it would be smart to make change immediately. If the stove is hot and you touch it, leaving your hand there isnt the smartest thing to do.


You listed above that you are doing a raw vegan diet which prompted my comment.

I like hipsr recommendations although I think you could process faster. The base diet I use with clients is based off animal proteins and fats with vegetables and a few other things. The way I implement it is what I call Corrective Nutrition. A modification I use for a budget is soaked legumes to spread out meat.

If you like I can email you the booklet which I give to clients. Hipsr should although for an easy transition though.


How bout a normal bodybuilders diet of 1.5g/lb of protein. 25% fats. And fill in the rest with carbs, according to your BMR....

What a ridiculous thread.