Fighting June 3rd

When I first signed up for this site, Professor X told me not to post any pictures until I gained some more weight, but since he isn’t looking here’s 6’4" and only 176 officially (either mine or the promoter’s scales were off. Probably my Wal-Mart ones.) I didn’t cut anything, in fact I went to Backyard Burger’s just an hour or two before weighing in. I could’ve made 170 easily, I don’t know whether to do that or bulk up some but stay at 185.

(I tried not to laugh when I was flexing, but when you’re as skinny as me it’s hard not to)

wish i saw this earlier I would’ve said good luck. Props to you for stepping up man… stick with it…

Man, you sacraficed a lot of weight. That could not have been easy.

Congrats on making a great effort and keeping a good sense of humor.

Thanks for the kind words guys. I can’t wait to get back in the ring, I was so hyped for this fight that during the pre-fight physicals the doctor says “Let me do that again. There’s no way your pulse is 120.” It came out 128 the second time lol

Good job. Stay with it!