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Fighting June 3rd


I've got an MMA fight coming up June 3rd in Tupelo, MS, just wanted to let you guys know. I don't post here much, but I've been stealing workouts for quite a while now. When this fight's over, I'm probably going to be moving up a weight class, which is where you guys really come in. For as much as fighters dog bodybuilders and vice versa, I don't figure anyone can help you put on a solid 20 pounds any better.

Hopefully I'll be able to post results June 4th lol


First of all: Good luck mate!

Second: give us a nice fight report after! looking forward to it!


Good luck to ya! MMA = Teh Awesome.


Good luck! I give a lot of respect to anyone who goes and puts it all on the line to test their training.



Good Luck.

 Try to get some pictures or even Vids. 

 What weight class are you in now?

1 month left, Train Hard....



It takes balls as big as cannon balls to step into that cage in front of everybody like that.

I wish you luck my friend! Knock his ass out!


I have mine scheduled for July 8th. Good luck on yours. Any specific game plan?


Thanks guys.

The fight is at 185, but I think I'm going to go up to 205 soon. I'm a long 6'4", so I've got a huge reach advantage over most everyone but I also get outmuscled pretty easily. I figure I'd still have a solid reach advantage at LHW, and I think I would be relatively stronger with the added mass. I'm just too thin right now, and believe it or not I've fought at 170 before. If nothing else I'll just bulk up some and carry more weight between fights, right now I'm only coming down from about 190-192 to make 185.

The game plan (which you guys have probably already figured out with my height/weight) is to keep the fight standing. I've been drilling takedown defense with our smaller, quicker guys, and then having our bigger guys try to hold me down and work to get back to the feet. I can pull a submission off my back every now and then, but really my best shot is on the feet.


Best of luck!


It's almost time, my original opponent had to pull out due to injury but they were able to find someone else. He's going to be a little heavier and more experienced than I was expecting, but nothing I can't handle.

Training has gone very well, it isn't going to be a cakewalk by any stretch but I like my chances. I'll be driving down Friday morning then (hopefully) I'll be back Monday to give you guys the run down of how it went.


Good luck. What's your height/weight?


GOOD LUCK! mma is huge here becuase Team Quest is local.

What technique do you specialize in?? I just started BJJ class and I love it!


I'm a little over 6'4" but I only weight about 181 right now. It's kind of gross, but I've got insane reach.

I've trained quite a bit in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but for whatever reason just don't pick it up very quickly. I have a handful of fairly high percentage techniques that I use, but I'm primarily a striker.

My replacement opponent also had to pull out, I've got a couple "maybes" but I'll find out 100% tomorrow. My replacements keep getting bigger and more experienced, and I in turn keep getting a little more frustrated and a little more motivated. I tend to do very well in fights I'm expected to lose. (However, I often disappoint in fights I'm expected to win)


Everything is finalized for my third opponent this week. He's bringing in a perfect 5-0 record, it'd be nice to be the man to mess it up. I'm leaving in the morning, and should have a run down and hopefully some pics on Monday.


Good luck mate, get a video if you can so you can post it. WAR Melvin!


Tear his fuckin head offf man.


Good luck


They called me at 10:30 Friday night with yet ANOTHER switch in opponents, so I wound up giving up about 15 pounds or better, but that's the way it goes sometimes with amateur fights. For the most part, the show was ran very well and I will be fighting for this promotion again.

As luck would have it (or bad luck I guess) he opened a nice cut with his first punch of the fight, we traded some on the feet, went to the ground and I had full guard looking for an armbar but the cut was too much and they stopped it. Everything went well, I was in shape, gameplan was working, I just got cut. Not a lot you can besides glue it up and hope for a better break next time.

I've got a couple pics now and some more on the way that folks are going to e-mail to me. I'd like to get at least one of the blood on my back from rolling around on the bloody mats. It was pretty messy :slight_smile:


Tough luck bro. Are you planning on jumping up in weight now, or do you have future fights scheduled at this weightclass?

Looking forward to the pics.


Hey good job man! I know it is always frustrating to lose when it is not your fault to a cut. But, I would wager you learned a ton and will be ready to kick ass when your luck is better.

Props for stepping in the ring!