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Fighting Global Warming = Fighting Nazis


I almost fell out of my chair with laughter! HA!


LMFAO fear mongering at its best. The idiotic idea of global warming continues to be spread with this illusion that there is a scientific concencus on it, meanwhile over 30,000 scientists (900 PHDs) have signed a petition stating that Global Warming is a fraud.


Nothing like one set of ignorant nut jobs lambasting another set of ignorant nut jobs. It's scary how polarized America is becoming and how so many people consistently filter things through their ideological glasses.


I've not read anything to date that would cause me to believe in global warming. If there is some good information available which is pro gw I hope that someone would post it as I'd like to keep an open mind.


Global warming is an unscientific fraud. Greenhouse gases can't trap heat.

Pay no attention to the fact that heat-trapping gases (otherwise known as the atmosphere) are the only reason this planet is warm enough to live on.

About the report that the EPA "suppressed":


I believe in global warming. I don't believe it's caused by us.

The odds are that the earth is just going through another cycle, and we'll experience rapid cooling at some stage in the future (maybe not in our lifetime). Hey, maybe that's how the last ice age came about?


It started out as Global Warming and now it is beginning to be called "climate change", well of course there's climate change, if you ever picked up a historical book that recorded temperatures you would see that the earth goes through cooling and warming stages. I'm amazed at how easily people allow themselves to buy this crap, so how do we fix Global Warming according to Al Gore? Well I think a Carbon Tax will fix it.

Global Warming+People paying more money= No Global Warming

Now they passed this Cap and Trade BS, I really hope there is a revolution coming to get these morons out of power. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, but thank god we are saving the earth!!!!


Graph. Look at it. Who's the moron again?




Its an amazing read.


Don't try, really.


Ignorance is bliss.


Fiction frequently is. I'll just repeat an earlier link I posted about this report.


It's okay I'll stick with my 30,000 scientists whom I am in agreeance with and you stick with Al "the inventor of the internet" Gore.


Some people like to believe the sky is falling.


One of our things is a nice piece of fiction, but it's not mine. Liberal media was not kind to you was it?


Your rushed, plagiarized report has already been discredited. Data over a 3 year range? Convincing!

Try again.

By the way:


When I first heard about this shit when I was a kid, my first thought was, "What kind of idiot thinks we can control the weather."

Maybe if we hand over more money to the government and hurt our economy, those sunspots will go away.


Discredited by who? blog posters? Just because you really want the sky to be falling does not mean it is.