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Fighting Cancer

My brother’s wife has cancer. I need help… I can only think to target things that target the immune system. I don’t know of any non-synthesized molecules that directly affect any kind of cancer so I think “target the immune system” if I’m only going to be able to recommend non-prescription substances. I know that a component is going to be 5 to 10 times the RDA of B vitamins and C vitamin, 2 RDA of E vitamin, and one RDA of A, D and K vitamin, and a lot of water. Another component will be omega 3, 6, and 9-rich oil at 20g a day. I need to know of things that, for instance, support liver function and survival because she’s going to go through chemo. I really don’t know where to begin. Heck, I’d bet that Methoxy7 might help, but how much? She’s 5’5" Maybe 100 pounds mid fifty and the cancer’s in her tongue, and they’re going to keep it for now. I really need somebody EXPERIENCED with cancer and the supplementation that might fight it directly or through strengthening the immune system to make recommendations beyond my simpleminded beginnings. Recommendations from one or more of those subtle gennies God has sprung on this world lately who started a magazine a few good years back would be Greatly appreciated. As my brother put it to me, “Who knows, it might be a decisive factor…”

Sorry to hear about your sister-in-law’s plight. It’s rough for everyone in the family as well.
I’m no expert but I can definitely try to get you a good source of information which is the Life Extension Foundation. They have extensive information on disease treatment and prevention protocols.


Hope this helps.

You may want to have her speak with a registered dietician. They certainly would be able to put her on a good eating plan for what it’s worth.

Cancer resources:

  1. LEF: since they sell supplements, they are not unbiased, although much of their information is sound.

  2. http://www.ralphmoss.com/

  3. http://www.blockmd.com/

I do not have any personal experience with him, but he seems to have the right approach.

  1. I have no idea the particulars of your brother’s wife, but be aware that not everyone who has cancer wants to get better (for whatever reasons).

  2. It sounds like she has what is called “head and neck cancer”, probably squamous cell cancer of the tongue. If so, this is not a particularly easy one to treat.

Ralph Moss(2) above can provide a report on her kind of cancer and tell you what and where in the country the state of the art treatments are being performed.
Dr. Block (3) above is a MD who combines conventional treatments with supplements along the lines of what I think you are looking for.

My spouse had cancer and lost the battle. However, she did well on power drive and methoxy. Methoxy especially helped her get over the severe fatigue caused by chemotherapy. Obviously, they are not cures.
She tried every possible supplement as a cure, and despite massive monthly expenditures none worked, i.e. shark cartilage, various soy extracts, etc… Avoid the vultures of the supplement industry that will prey on her fears. At best, they are a cruel joke.
We had her first surgery at MD Anderson cancer center in Houston, one of the best in the nation, but even they misdiagnosed her cancer. Overall, Sloan-Kettering is still probably the best for cancer treatment, and still probably offers the best, off-site consults in oncology. This is not a plug, but I wish we would have gotten their consult.
This is about three years ago, but an MD/friend researched her cancer on a medical database called “Ovid”. He found some great information for us. However, it cost about a grand a year to use their services. I’m not sure if they are still in business. If you have a contact who has access to this database I give it a high recommendation.
Best regards and best of luck!

I would caution her using supplements just because we truelly don’t know whats in them. I am going through Lymphoma hodkins diesease right now.
Check w/ your oncologist first. If you want you can pm me. I go through what I take not much though.

I wish her the best of luck.

In Health,

Silas C.

Thanks to ALL who replied and showed support. You are gracious people and I sincerely thank you. I’ll look into all the resources you all provided. Thanks, and keep the responses coming …


I’m sorry to hear about your sister in law. Cancer is terrifying at times. A lot of what we know about treatment these days depends on the types of cancer and the stage it’s in. Conventional therapies are getting better every year.

My suggestion to you is that she deals with her oncologist and a registered dietician. They’ll help her through it.

Best wishes, my prayers are with your family.

Run, don’t walk, to the bookstore and buy Beating Cancer with Nutrition (revised edition) by Patrick Quillin, PhD-nutrition.

When my fiancee had cancer she beat it with help from this book. It’s so good that everytime someone we know is diagnosed with cancer (an all too common occurrence these days) we buy them a copy as a gift.

The book is jam-packed (and I mean FILLED) with information. There’s so much that the book now includes an audio CD for those who were truly ill and needed the most important points fast.

My copy of the book has lots of highlighter and sticky notes in it. Highly recommended for anyone who is interested in nutrition, not just for cancer.

I feel sorry for your family. One thing you want to keep in mind that cancer is complex. You could unwittingly feed the cancer …yes even with the suplementation that is immune for strenthening the immune system. A large part of fighting cancer or controlling has to do with the body’s PH levels. This among many other things is important to manage.

Find an Alternative Medicine specialist that is also versed in western treatments like chemo. He/She can prescribe a diet and supplementation that will be condusive to natuarally fighting cancer in conjunction with the chemo. If you address this with the average western MD or Oncologist you will probably get the brush off. Since there philosphy is based on damage control and not necessarily a long term solution based on diet manipulation for fighting cancer. The problem chemo just brings the immune system to its knees and if not suceesful can open the door for the cancer to spread at an alarming rate.

An excellent book you can buy is “Alternative Medicine; The Definitive Guide” This is an excellent reference manual for anyone seeking a healthier life style or if you are fighting a terminal illness. God bless.

A positive mental attitude.

If I ever got cancer I would first dump milk and milk products, (due to the IGF promoting the growth of cancer cells,) max out my antioxidants including r-ala, green tea extract, and grape seed extract. I would also max out on Echinacea.

I would also dump 30% - 50% of my caloric intake because cr diets are shown to slow the progression of cancer in lab mice. They believe this is due to a drop in GH and IGF production.

I would also read everything I could, including the books previously recommended.

I would also meditate, relax, and try to get rid of as much stress as possible. And spend time visualizing the cancer being eaten away. (The evidence for this may be anecdotal, but it couldn’t hurt.)

As I said, this is what I would do myself, so it might not be right for others

Good luck, I wish her well.

Hi T-Men and Vixens:

Thank you so much!

I’ve have compiled and summarized all the Wonderful advice from each and every one of you who replied and passed it along to my brother and sister-in-law.

Many, Many Thanks.

Hey dude,
For liver support, Milk Thistle is very good. Silymarin, the active compound has been shown to have hepatoprotective effects, and may help her. At the very least, it cannot hurt.
I don’t mean this as a joke, but seriously Marijuana may help if her appetite is getting smaller - many chemo patients complain of this. It is vital she eat to fuel her immune system, so if she could get some medical (or otherwise) marijuana, it would be very useful.
Zinc is an important mineral for immune function.
Green tea has also been shown to inhibit cancer growth.
Whey protein rich in immunoglobulins (ie./ a whey protein microfiltered isolate) and can boost her immune cells.

This is all I can think of.

AHCC…active hexose correlated compound. It is made in japan by aminoup…i beleive it has about 300 studies done behind it. Def work looking into. MGN-3 is the old version of this, if you have ever heard of that. I can say normally i use it to kill colds and it unbelievable. So check it out. Vitamin SHoppe has it for about 30 bucks a bottle depending on dose and sometimes its on sale.