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Fighting Basics


I'm not sure if a thread like this has been created before but I want to know what are some good sources (websites, video series) to learn basic self defense and fighting skills. I've never been in a fight before but in the past few months I've found myself in more than one precarious situation. Always at bars.

I'm not interested in being a fighting champion just want the reassurance that if things do go bad at some point I won't be completely clueless as to what to do. I have access to a punching bag and speed bag.

Not sure if this makes a difference but I'm a decently sized guy (weight 230 with a 345 bench press and a 515 deadlift)

thanks for the help!


Leave the bar before the fight starts..... Bar fights are not regular fights you might be winning and get hit by a random drunk girl who got excited and decided to throw a bottle in the air. Or some dude that thinks he's strong because he can pick up a chair and flings it across the room. You may even get hit by your own friends as they are swinging.

Look for a free trial at a fight school. Videos don't teach you how to throw a punch when you just got sucker punched in a face.


This is something I think everyone should read. It has carryover into other aspects of life as well.

What it takes to be a fighter....



here we go again.

dont go out with drunks.
walk or run when needed.

all you need to know


Yeah best advice ever is don't go to bars or a hooker house. Stay away from degenerates and you wont have to deal with thier crap.


There have been many, many threads on this before. Search around a bit and you'll find a bunch of them.


See, here is the problem.

I am MUCH funnier and more attractive when the lady is drunk. With enough vodka I can even pass for witty and good looking. Yet I am supposed to avoid the places with drunk women? Is there a part 2 to this plan?


Robert A


Obey the Rule of the 3 Stupids

  1. Don't go stupid places.

  2. Don't do stupid things.

  3. Don't associate with stupid people.

This IS THE strategy for avoidance.

Like any good set of rules there is enough redundancy built in.


Robert A


Shit man, if there is I haven't found it.


After a certain hour, the wolves come out.

Don't be outside then.

So simple...but nobody listens...



To get you started:

Krav Maga centered:

Roundhead's Grappling for self defense/Boxing or grappling vs reality martial arts

FighinIrish and Sentoguy make some fantastic points RE self defense

Any specific questions or interests can be asked here.

It is nearly always a question of who/what is the best teacher/school/class in YOUR area as opposed to a theoretical "best" or even an ideal for "what you want".


Robert A


Well yeah, but even if they did; Someone, somewhere might have a job that meant he had to go where crime/bad things have been shown to happen and even ask people questions they would rather not answer. This is where the not being stupid and not bringing stupid with you HAS to come in.


Robert A


Wedding and funeral crashing.


Thanks for all the replies guys. I know you're telling me not to go to bars but I like my social life. I'm not gunna sit at home while all my friends go out without me lol. I'm 22 years old and single I like to get drunk on the weekends.

The last time I almost got in a fight was when the ex boyfriend of a girl I was hanging out with showed up. That's not exactly something I was planning on lol and I don't feel like I should have to leave when I'm having a good time just because of this asshole.


The whole drunk thing never interested me much.


If you want insist, join a school of your favorite art be it boxing, muay thai, bjj, tae kwon do, whatever rings your bell..

at least it's better then nothing.



FightingIrish posted a good link to real self defense law and procedure by Marc macyoung I believe.

What alot of people consider self defense, ie your typical barfight, will get you arrested for assault and battery. Its not worth it.

A few weeks ago I was out in one of our main drags for bars here in Pgh. Every single time ....someone tries to pick a fight with my friend or I. And believe me, I am the easiest going guy ever. So I am walking back to my car with my friend, whom I train with and of course some drunk buffoon is out on his porch and starts calling us out for whatever reason.

He brings his friend out who insists "he isnt giong to get involved, but that drunk friend will beat both of our asses and he will put it on youtube". Of course my pride made me wanna tool this guy, and between two trained fighters...it probably wouldnt have been to difficult. But...he made no move to attack us, didnt insult any girls we were with... I said "you win buddy, youre the tough guy" and drove away. Beats the possible legal ramifications that would occurr.

If you want to learn self defense...do so....but you arent gonna learn stuff from books or videos. If you do get into a fight, it should really only be a life or death situation...so i would suggest carrying pepper spray, a knife, or a gun...and using them only if you have to. Otherwise ALWAYS walk away.


You just have to find women who aren't so smart when they are sober......?? LOL

Part 2 might be just showing up late when they are plastered and escorting them home? It's worked in the past


I heart Robert A.

the stupids rule makes for complications

work and family can be stupid


What if you yourself are stupid? Complicated indeed.