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Fighting and Facial Wounds


A few weeks ago the left side of my face was wounded during a fight.
Now, 3 weeks ahead, a crust has formed near my eyes, and above my eye there is a scar with some depth, which I hope will even out.

What does one do with these wounds ?
I've received an injection against swelling(which is gone now), and been using 3 times daily some moisturising cream.

I have to be honest, I overdid the ice and kinda burned my skin, which I guess is the main reason for the crust.

This is directed towards those with experience in fight-related injuries, as I can assume that this happens more frequently, but any input is appreciated.

Do the scars eventually even out ?

I have little experience with wounds in the face, except cuts, which usually heal better.


try getting Mederma, I used it on a scar I have underneath my nose over my lip.
I THINK it helped w/ the healing. What didn't help was getting it busted open a few days after getting the stitches out, then getting it busted open again in a fight. Ahh I love hockey.


dude, chicks dig scars...


get over it id say, at one point it ll heall .... and so what if you got a scar ... only thing you shouldt have is what they call in dutch cauliflower ears ( look at any rugby player that works the scrum )



I've had good results in skin healing through getting more zinc and b5 in my diet, I hear vitamin c and copper can help as well.

Fish oil works for me, also.


Vitamin E oil


I believe Vitamin E is supposed to help prevent scarring. There's E in the fish oil the previous poster mentioned, isn't there?


I have used Vitamin E to prevent scarrring and found that it did nothing. Go figure.


Thanks for the input so far.

Funny story, now you mention chicks digging scars : I was walking down the street, and a little girl stops me and asks if I played Anakin in the last movie.

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Was this fight a bare-knuckle brawl or a competition fight in MMA or Boxing?



This was a bare-knuckle brawl.
I got hit with a wooden board on the side of my face, which is mostly responsible for the holes in my face.
For the record : I saw him yesterday, and the other guy looks worse :wink:


Use neosporin, that's what is intended for