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Fighting Acne


Alot of people on this site claim that saliycylic acid is the best ingredient otc you can get to fight acne on a cycle, however I was always under the impression that benzoyl peroxide was a tougher acne fighting ingredient. What do you think? Is there an otc product that contains both, or should I dump the B.P and go with the S.A?


You should consult a Dermatologist. There are many forms of acne as well as many forms of treatment. The treatments differ depending on the type and severity of acne. You don't want to get scars of burn your skin. Good Luck


Most salicylic acid is a wash or wipe and it's around 2-5% strength i.e. Stridex, Clearasil there are some salicylic acid that's 15-20 % strength and stronger but those are for wart removers. Seriously.
Benzoyl peroxide is a cream and is usually 10% strength i.e. Clearasil,Oxy 10 ,etc..
Use both, first wash with the SA wash/wipes then use the BP cream. Don't squeeze or pick at it cuz it'll only get worse and leave scars


Check out acne.org


yes. consult a dermatologist.


I found salicyclic acid to be utterly worthless, and I think you need a prescription to get benzoyl peroxide.


I am having pretty good results with BP right now. Go with 2.5%, it seems to be way better than 10% (less irritation = less acne). Make sure you use enough, though. I used it for months with no results, and as soon as I started using more, my acne started going away. Your face should be wet with it, and you should be able to glide it on there's so much. Also don't rub it into your skin.

A lot of guys here have had good results with proactiv (what I'm using now), but it's not worth the money IMO. You can get the same results with an exfoliating face wash, an astringent and a bp lotion. Acne.org recommends throwing a mosturizer in there as well.

But you should see a dermatologist, just to be sure.


Go to a dermatologist because the otc stuff rarely works especially if you have acne due to aas use.

Here is a good combo to ask your derm for.

Triaz 3% Benzoyl Peroxide cream wash

Erycet pads (erythromycin pads) you wipe one on after washing you face/infected area

Avar Gel (sulfacetamide) apply this to individual spots, or areas. The stuff smells like sulphur, but you can have a huge cystic zit and this stuff will flatten it in a few hours/overnight

Follow up with Purpose moisturizer


Mandelic Acid - I've had acne for a few years and this seems to have helped a lot for me.

The best form I've come across is MaMa Lotion - check out http://skincarerx.com/shopping/review_box.html?prid=498 to buy online. They also have a bit of info on there.

Hope it helps.


When all else fails, accutane will fix you up.


I've read on some posts that you need to do a full course rangingfrom 3-6 months. I'm guessing 6 months is the way to go. It claims that you will break out at first but later it will go away. It doesn't guarantee permanent fix but up to a year or more after the full course treatment is done.