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Fighting a Speeding Ticket in NY?


Anyone have experience with fighting speeding tickets in NY State?

I was caught going 70mph in a 55mph stretch of highway in Tonawanda.

Also I live out of the country.


Why fight it pay the fine and move on in life.

You were speeding and got caught.



Tearing up American roads with yer speeding, eh?


You live in Canada? You probably dont even need to pay it...and it probably wont go on your record either.
That said if you really do want to fight the ticket, call the court and say you had a death in the family or something or even that you cant make you cant make it because of work committments, and youll get it rescheduled.

The cop will most likely not show up to the rescheduled hearing...making you get off with no fine etc. You will have to pay court costs...usually like 50 bucks.


Pfft, it was a speed trap!

Highway is mostly 65 but for some reason this patch of road I was on dropped to 55 for a few miles. Not a construction zone, no lane reduction. Not surprisingly a cop was sitting there

I actually thought I was going the speed limit. I was going roughly 67-68 when pulled over.

I've heard a lot of these border towns make a point to give out of state drivers tickets because they're unlikely to set a court date. It's one of their main sources of income.


Michigan, Ontario and NY State have reciprocal agreements so any points I earn in NY state will transfer over into Ontario. Otherwise I would just pay it. Also I have permanent resident status in the US, I'm guessing having outstanding speeding tickets would be a bad idea.

Yeah that sounds like a good idea I'll tell them I have other commitments. I'll enter a plea of not guilty and see if they can settle the matter without a trial. Drop it to a lesser offense with no demerit points.


Make sure you send the court a link to this thread. They'll see your admission of guilt, plus (by your avatar) they will see you hate New York and are possibly prone to arson. Then you'll be tagged for life and never be allowed to enter the U.S. again.

Just kidding, man, don't know how to help in your specific situation, but I know in many states simply showing up to court to enter a plea can reduce the charge and result in lower fines and points of your license (and thus insurance rates, too). Don't know how that would work with Canadianized persons, though, or if there is anything you can do if you can't make it back for court (other than pay the fine).

edit - looks like you got it under control



Too many people get caught up in life's petty little dramas. Just to save a buck.


Pay the damn fine, you broke the law and put others and yourself at risk by speeding.
Did you notice WHY it may have been reduced to 55 for that stretch? dangerous road conditions, residential area, to catch idiots who arent even paying attention to the speeding tons of metal that they should be in control of, let alone their surroundings and approaching hazards?


I don't consider an increase in $300-$400/year in my insurance over the next 3-5 years just a buck.


Caveman, did you cut your hair?


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You know, with all the costs involved in the fining process, I don't think they actually make much, if anything? It's entirely possible that giving you a ticket is a net loss for the town/police agency...


Welcome to America, the "home of the free". The home of a ZILLION laws we didn't vote on, we don't like or want, that take money out of our pockets, and exist for the sole purpose of putting money into the state's coffers. It's really just another form of taxation. But "It's the LAW!" and you broke it...


And you have no idea what it was in this particular situation.
Over here we get reduction if the... What's the English word? Damn... The little emergency lane at the side of speed-ways/high-ways or whatever... Is less broad than a specified amount... Most people don't even know/notice that and just assume that the speed reductions are speed traps or whatever by the communities or speed way police... But neither of those have anything to do with it.

Just saying (you likely know your laws better than most people here)... And if it's a speed trap... Well, get them banned or regulated differently or whatever.

Usually you get 10 km/h over here as lee-way (or 9?)... Yeah, 3 miles over with current rules is stupid with the limits so low... You pretty much have to drive at the max or the usual amount over to get anywhere without wasting all day...

If you guys want the speed limits to be set higher (hell, it's called a limit, imo they should set them higher but get you even if you go over by a little... Much easier for everyone, both the people and the police... If the limit is sufficiently high that you have no real reason to go over it apart from emergencies perhaps) then you have a way to do that, no? And if the majority don't want to play, well...

I personally dislike this whole half-assed way such laws are handled... Make it a clear, relatively simple thing for both parties... Sane laws ought to be easier to obey and enfore than this crap. But... So far not enough people seem to do more than just complain over a friday night pint over here...


You guys can join the fucking Jedi knights officially (or at least I think you can), you send your army into foreign territory and then invesitage the fuck out of every single shot they fire lest they hurt the poor terrorists or something... But you don't have a big enough group of people voting to change traffic laws? Or is there something in particular preventing those from being changed? Have enough people tried? (asking for real, I don't know)


Just noticed as well... Another one to give up, eh :slight_smile:


Stop being such a pussy lol.

Talking that way tells me that you are not a good driver, as a capable individual can easily drive well over the speed limit, especially on highways, in a safe manner.

That said most people are not capable drivers.


Read what you wrote again, especially the last part, and think on it for a while.

You can add "most people who think they are good drivers are full of shit" to that, actually.


Haha I agree with that.

I drive at track events regularly so it is easy for me to see how little most people really know about driving, especially accident avoidance/ skid control, as well as just...paying attention.

I still think most speed limits are ridiculous, especially mandatory 55 mph limits in some cities that have 4-5 lane highways.