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Fighting a Cold


This one has been tough. Takes away energy and initiative [lethargy] and brain is not working right for a week. Symptom wise, not much of a head cold, some congestion, no sore throat and no chest problems. A minor infrequent cough. Minor afternoon/evening fever +1 degree for 3-4 days. Appetite seems good.

Wife had it and I resisted for a week, could tell my immune system was been challenged, then I folded a week ago.

Seems like a real problem in the community. Others seem to report same issues.


Sorry to hear that. For my part of the country, it is wicked allergies that puts a lot of us down for a week or so


An Chicken soup its a good ideia for cold. Lol


At least I can focus now. For a few days I did not visit here at all.


Welcome back! Sounds like it kicked your ass. I’ve had what sounds like the same cold for over a week and I think it’s finally going away today.