I just finished reading the article on shamrock…he seems like one tough M.O. The only problem I had with the article is the reference to boxing as a “sissy” sport. My question is simply this, if these fighters are so damn good why aren’t they boxers? Boxers make WAY more money, have more fame, and have more power.

I agree, Ultimate fighting is great, but no one fully understands how incredibly skillful some proffessional boxers are!! I’d love to see one of them try to “shoot” in on Roy Jones, he have them peppered with so many Gad-damn punches most of them would shit…

Point is well taken. I believe its the same thing with rugby and football. Rugby is certainly a tough sport(and its fans will say its tougher) but its fairly obvious if rugby players could play professional football they would because the opportunity for income is FAR greater. But about MMA guys trying to “shoot” some of the faster punchers of boxing, well I’ve always been a big fan of Jones but I am still fairly certain that 4 out of 5 times the MMA guys would win. Although it would be intriguing to see and I would love to see Jones mix it up with an equal-sized MMA.

If you think you can stop an olympic caliber wreslters shoot with fast punches then you are sadly mistaken. Boxers are great punchers but even the best get tied up. Boxing is a rough sport because you have to stand up and take punches but that doesn’t mean boxers are the best fighters because they make more money. It just means they are better boxers and people like to see knockouts.

You take up the sport you love by the time money enters the equation you are an expert at one but useless at most others even if it is a very similar sport. People struggle to make the transition from rugby league to rugby union and from kick boxing to boxing. the transition from rugby (either code) to gridiron or wrestling to boxing.
Plus different energy systems, talents skills and motor abilities are required for each so just cause someone is suited to one sport doesnt mean theyll be suited at other sports.
I do lhowever think that if a guy as talented as RJJ was taught to wrestle he would be an awesome wrestler also.

“… if these fighters (MMA fighters) are so damn good why arent they boxers? Boxers make WAY more money, have more fame, and have more power.”

Firstly, much respect to all figthers/ahteletes who excel in their respective areas: Boxers, grapplers, kickboxers, etc.

Pertaining to your question, I take it you are wondering why these MMA figthers are not taking up Boxing if they’re so good at ‘fighting’, right?

Simply, BOXING is not FIGHTING. MMA fighters are a different type of fighter than traditional boxers.

My personal opinion is BOXING is a ‘sport’ - a GREAT sport, but still a sport. Its techniques can certainly be applied in the real world (street fighting), but it is a far cry from being a ‘complete’ fighting system - rather, it is simply ONE ‘art’ of punching.

You have rounds. You wear gloves. You do not utilize your legs, feet, head, or other natural weapons which MMA fighters are allowed to.

So someone who trains to BOX (punch) will naturally be a better ‘boxer’ than someone who trains at a different manner of fighting, because of the use of other numerious techniques other than simply punching alone.

Also you have to understand it all comes down to a person's goals' are. If it is make more money, then perhaps one could argue BOXING is indeed a more prudent way to make money than pursuing NHB (no-holds barred) fight cards.

But if the goal is to make money while fighting in the most REALISTIC way legally and safely as possible, then one would not choose to simply BOX.

Boxing is waaaay to limiting in terms of truly fighting. Boxing does NOT completely represent the true nature of a real fight, which often involves trapping technniques (elbows, knees, head butts, throws & sweeps) & sometimes ground fighting.

Of course, NHB fights also do NOT represent a true street-fight, since there are rules (no eye-gouging, no small joint manipulation, etc). In fact, it’s probably safe to say NO fighting ‘sport’ represents ‘true’ street-fighting EXCEPT true street-fighting, right?

In closing, MMA figthers (in my humble opinion) are a different BREED of figthers, who want to train and excel in a more COMPLETE art of fighting, than boxing alone. And NHB fights are probably the closest thing to street-fights… definitely closer than traditional boxing.

Yes, successful boxers may make more money, but it appears money is not the ultimate driver for those who fight to make a living.

And for the record, odds are a traditional boxer will not bode very well against a trained NHB fighter, sorry!

The boxer may excel in ONE type of striking (punching) but they usually will not be able to utilize (nor respond to) an opponent who is capable of the efficient use of low-line leg kicks, knees, elbows, throws/sweeps and grappling tecniques. This has been proven time and time again in the octagon and in the ring (and even in the street).

If i were a betting man, i’d bet my money on any NHB fighter who had a solid foundation for stand-up and ground fighting techniques if he were pitted against a traditional boxer, regardless of the weight class or experience… again, my humble opinion.

Thanks for reading my post/reply. CHeers.

The MMA fights are entertaining, but the level of the fighters involved is way below pro boxing. From the Shamrock interview:

Honestly, I think so. I started in 1994, never played a sport before, and in eight months turned pro. Six months later I won my first world title.

Never played a sport and won the worlds in barely a year. You can’t be a nonathlete and then be a pro boxer in a year, much less win the fucking title.

Boxing just attracts the real deal athletes.

The only reason boxers make more money, is because boxing is a more popular sport. MMA still has a way to go before it is accepted by the general public (it may never get acceptance because peope feel it is to brutal). The more people that watch a fight, the more money there is to pay the fighters. The idea that boxers are better athletes than MMA fighters is B.S. and has nothing to do with big paydays.

Boxers box and they train it well… Let’s face it, if you are going to stand at a distance and trade with a guy who has a lot of experience in that game you’re dead. But MMA brings in a lot of other elements. I think Roy Jones would knock some UFC fighters out. I think some UFC fighters would choke him out or ground and pound him. Fights between two great athletes with great skills in wrestling, boxing or jiu jitsu can always go either way. But in the case of Frank Shamrock, he is not some tough guy who just trained a little bit and went pro. He is a great athlete who studies the techniques that are most beneficial in the UFC. Many times boxers allow each other to stand and hit. If you’ve ever seen a guy try to hold a boxer you’ll see the ref has to split them and the guy gets frustrated cause when you hold the guy he can’t hit you effectively. Now, I train BJJ so I’m biased but I’ll tell you this. No UFC fighter is afraid of any boxer who doesn’t know how to wrestle and defend the take down Just like “guys don’t realize how great boxers are with their hands” most people don’t know what it’s like to roll with a truly skilled grappler. As far as boxing being so much better than the UFC I don’t see it. Sure RJJ and Lenox Lewis, DeLa Hoya and Hopkins are great… But what about all the crap fighters I see…Truly some out of shape boxers who can’t even hit hard… and you can become a pro boxer in a year if you want to. I don’t think they should’ve called boxing a sissy sport, it’s not and neither are most sports people call sissy sports, but I also wouldn’t say that boxers are much better athletes than the Pride or UFC guys… It’s just not the case

scrappy- I don’t think T-mag meant the “sissy” comment literally. They put it in quotes to indicate it was a joke. You know, like saying that Ronnie Coleman is “natural”. Ha ha.

you guys do have to realize the limitations of wrestling even in a street fight, something no one here does. For instance if you were close to tysons face in a street fight, in a mount, etc. he WOULD bite your testicles off… just some food for thought

dman, what about the type of wrestling where you drop you’re opponent on his head? Judo is great for this too.

I do know a few people who have mounted people in street fights. Generally if one can attain mount or some other dominant position then the skill difference is great enough that things like biting and eye gouging are less of a worry (if your in control their easy to stop/avoid). The real worry about grappling in the street is having someone jump you. Of course if it’s a 8 on 1 you’re probably screwed unless you’re an unreal sprinter.

Hey does anyone know where to get cheap UFC videos/dvds. I live in Oz so its hard to find them cheaply. I’ve got a few and i love them, but they’re from the early days and would like to see some of the new guys fight!

Go to and scroll down to UFC news, and there is a link to ufctv where you can get all the videos.

Thanks dude!

Why don’t MMA fighters box? Cus there MMA fighters. Personally i do MMA not cus of the money but cus i love the sport, i would love to turn pro (not good enough yet but who know’s :slight_smile: In comparison boxing is a ‘sissy’ sport, trust me, ive boxed and got punched but i’ve also done MMA and got punched, kicked, choked etc. End of the day, put a UFC fighter in boxing, he’ll loose, put a boxer in UFC, he’ll loose. Two different sports man, no point in trying to compare them. Cheers, Chris.

boxing isnt fighting and either is ufc because they have rules. a real fight has no rules.