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Im 20, and lift 'hardcore' im 178lbs and six foot one. i have trained for the last year in: boxing, kickboxing, ju jistu, tae kwon do, and wrestling.

im going to try and work up some funds so that i can train more in the late winter/spring so that in the late spring/summer i will feel confident to compete.

are there any programs i should look at, or any help/ideas that anyone has out there?

thanks in advance!


What are you wishing to compete in?

I would get your butt to as many submission wrestling tournaments you can find and compete in them. It will give you more confidence than training more and waiting for a fight in the cage or whatever. In my opinion I think you are a little underweight for six feet too.


where are u based and what school are u training out of?
what style do u want to fight?
what's ur record?


Okay, for fighting I like to think of it in two ways.
1. A phase that is far from competition and
2. A phase that prepares you for competition.

From a technique perspective make sure to work on your 'bread and butter' techniques. That is one punch, kick, one takedown, one submission that you can always go to. Perfect it and work on other moves that key off missing or failing at that one.
Evaluate your weaknesses and strengths honestly and get a strategy that allows you to work your strengths. A very general program should be lifting explosive 2x/week. Running Man, High Octane Cardio, Some of John Davies conditioning are all great as a fight is approaching.
Now, When you have more time before a fight, just maintain conditioning and build power with CT's programs. I like ascending-descending training. High Tension training and IC training are good too. Also check out west side.
Here lifting can go to 4x/week and conditioning 3x/week. Also, it's now that you want to work on weak techniques or new techniques...What I said up to about having bread and butter moves is important and you MUST have them and work them before a real competition...you play how you practice.
But when you have a lot of time to prepare, work on moves you're weaker at and new moves and new strategies. Work on new PR's in hang snatches, cleans, and power lifts. As the fight nears, work your strong moves, lift only explosively 2x/week and up the conditioning.
No time for diet tips now but read t-mag and all the info is there.


What do you mean by programs? programs for what?


First off I dont know what kind of competition I'll be entering, I dont know many places to train where I live (ROC, NY). But I'm looking. So whatever one I find, I'll do.

I haven't been in competition before.

By programs, I meant. Lifting/Conditioning that other figthers do, and what kind of fighter they are.

Hope that clears it all up.

Thanks much.


I have two years of boxing and brazillian jiujitsu behind me. In january, I will be switching gyms and hopefully getting more competitive in boxing. I have been training hardcore for a little over a year (actually, nearly 3, but I have only known what I was doing/been reading T-mag for a year and a half. Beofre that it was 100 knuckle pushups, 100 diamonds, and all sorts of masochistic stuff every single night). What happened to the series about the 155 pound NHB fighter that was going to train with the support and know-how of the T-mag staff? I was really looking forward to trying the program they put him on. My natural bodyweight-if I didnt lift or eat like a herd of African water buffalo, is around 140-145. Thankfully I have 25-30 pounds more muscle on me and a lot more strength, but I would love to get seriously hardcore T-mag style. Also, where do the other fighters on the board train? I am in Northern Ohio. I train BJJ with a student of Sean Chitwood, and once in a while from Mr. Chitwood himself when I can make it up to Lexington OH. For boxing, I train with an army boxer/ trainer who was undefeated in the military. It would be great to get a pack of T-Mag fighers together--maybe even get our own forum or something, and get some extra help getting far ahead of the rest of the crowd. If I'm not mistaken, ZEB trained with Royce Gracie and ko trains at Team Quest.


My most recent tournament wins in submission grappling have been as a result of Shawns guidance. I live in Canada.