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Fighters Reaching Their Peak at 30


Something I've noticed in modern fighting sports is that a lot of the top talents are reaching their peak performances around the 30 year old mark, where as decades ago in boxing, you were pretty much considered past your prime after 25.

Masato in K1 is a good example I think. He was always considered a good fighter, but nothing special until he really turned it up in the later years.

A lot of the super fighters in boxing are all doing their best work now in their early thirties. Pacquiao, Mayweather, Martinez etc just to name a few. A similar scene in MMA too.

It's interesting to me that a lot of these guys are doing their best work, when they are only ever a few years away from being considered over the hill.


I can't speak for MMA, cuz it's a relatively new sport vs boxing, but as I posted in another thread, the rules protecting the fighters have changed. Where as you'd see the ref and ringside physicians let a boxer keep fighting, today they are more actively jumping in. I would attribute this to some of the longevity. Also, training methods, nutrition have drastically improved. It's also quite possible that money is involved somewhere in boxing, it usually is lol


A lot of people will say nutrition, modern training methods etc. But really I think it's less fights, less rounds, less punishment.

I don't think Mayweather hit his peak past thirty.


It's not all that surprising. When you look at a variety of sports a lot of athletes do their best at around age 26-28 but the downhill slope after that point is pretty severe. They talk a lot about this in "Why we get Sick" (a book about darwinian science) it's an effect of senescence.

Now, that is the average person so some people will peak a few years later, a couple, a few years earlier. So you will be at your peak, right before you start going down-hill.

As some people mentioned before as well, the rules have changed. Back when you could smash some guy in the head the second his knees were off the Matt you could lay into an opponent a lot better. Besides that modern nutrition, medicine, even athletes being heavier (muscle for protection) probably can extend the life of a fighter.


Seems like the heavier weight classes peak later.

Just an observation though. Lots of older guys at 185+, not so much in the lower weight classes, although I can think of a couple exceptions off the top of my head.


Probably because they rely less on frenetic movement.


Makes sense. And skill should continue to improve with age and training.


I am going to say the Jury is out on this.

too many factors to say yes

training life-

whom you are training with.

wrestling you are not going to find many over 30's tearing shit up,
that arent super freaks.
we usually dont last that long.

I have mentioned it in the past

wrestling for me was like being a female gymnast-

the body has a tiny window to perform at a high level
at X shape
cutting weight for ten years or more will put the damper on longevity

for those that DO make it past 30-
aldo probably made it thru college and post college
with low or no injuries.
its just not that common


Wrestling training is GRUELING AS HELL, no wonder so many kids burn out by the time they reach college.


Although physical potential peaks around the age of 20,skill development & experience make those athletes perform better at later age.


They say grip strength peaks at 35-40, if this is true, it could explain how some-athletes can hold in there pretty long.


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