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Fighters on roids!

Anyone read the article on AAS in MMA?
Very interesting, trainer X, the interviewee reckons 90% of the top fighters are using!

Recommends no more than 600mg total a week made up primarily of test and eq plus anavar, halotestin and maybe tren, d-bol depending on how you react to them individually. This is pretty much in keeping with what some of you guys have recommmended.

Definitely going to add eq to my next cycle and reduce/drop tren and d-bol cause they severly mess up my cardio.

Creed I kinda had you plugged as the specialist on fighter’s drug regime’s. Didn’t you start a post on this/respond to some post like this awhile ago?

Hey Creed,
The article mentions replacing tren with masteron if it’s available.

Masteron is going to be available soon from redstar!! Its being tested now! The stack your referring to (for fighters) is exactly what I am doing now. Test/eq/dbol will switch the eq to tren and dbol to winny at 5th week.

No it was scrappy.

OK. I admit to being new to this forum. Still, hear me out.

The MMA-roids article is very precise and well thought out, but let’s say I’d want to go on a cycle, my educated guess is I’d have to take what is legit and available, not necessarily what I’d want.

I mean, maybe because I dont know any good sources, but some of the gear mentioned just arent readily available in my area. Especially the anti-E or post-cycle goodies.

True swd.

Obviously you can’t take what you can’t get. The mainstay of test and EQ is pretty available though. Mast, var and halo are harder to find but they aren’t doing anything so different from Test and EQ that you have to have them. The article also mentions that most the athletes do not use PCT.

PCT, short for “post cycle therapy”??

More power to them if they are using. I think everyone should have the right to use AAS if they see fit. To each his own I say.

The Scorp