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Fighters and Relationships?


Anyone on here is a fighter? and how did you handle relationships? Has anyone dated anyone who wasn’t a fighter or an athlete who particpated in another sport like Crossfit, power-lifting, or bodybuilding? Any story is welcome.


What specifically are you wondering about?

JUST being a fighter shouldnt cause any particular and universal issue with every relationship you have. You may find some partners cant stand it, or arent willing to work around whatever shcedule you have to maintain to be a fighter… In that case its not the right relationship. Such is life. Other people may find the idea of their mate being a fighter quite alluring.

Find a partner that supports your goals and what you need to do to achieve them, or make concessions on your end to


Do you find it hard to not armbar your significant others or something?

“Honey, you said you’d take me out to dinner tonight!”

“I’m tired, leave me alone.”

“But honey-“

armbars her


I punched a boxing bag for about 6 months. My girlfriend at the time was okay with this. Our only issue was when she got a little anxious about things and said I was more interested in the bag than her.

I assured her by saying “baby, these bags will always be number 1 with me” and I jiggled her boobs.

After this, she raised no concerns with my training - mainly because she left.


What kind of fighter? Like drunken clownpuncher, me against the world fighter?

Maybe a spiritual warrior that is battling the forces of evil for the good of man kind?

How about a combination of the above, where option 2 is what he thinks is happening but option 1 is what is actually happening.

Or maybe a dude that got into the alphabet soup of mixed martial arts, lost his marbles and now just keeps trying to choke out fire hydrants until the proper authorities arrive?


You should post this in the Combat section. In Off Topic, we’re all lovers not fighters.