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Fighter Analysis: Vitor Belfort


So I'm watching UFC Top 100 fights and I see a young Randy( Mid-30) vs Vitor Belfort. And then at commercial break, I see he's coming back to the UFC. I've heard he was good, but I don't know how good or what his skills are. And since you guys know more than me, I thought I would ask.

Vitor Belfort:

-No idea

-No idea



Very fast hands, KO power, good boxing, GREAT BJJ, we just dont really see it because his hands are so good but hes always done well at ADCC. If he has any weaknesses, it may be his conditioning and his mental game. This has always been his problem in the past and though everyones really quick right now to say the "old" vitor is back, the old vitor's conditioning was never great and we havnt seen him fight a high enough quality opponent to really test him.

I think he has endless talent and poses a threat to anyone in any weight division but franklin is where im putting my money, consistency is the key here.


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Thanks for the reply.


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Vitor has great boxing and really good grappling skills. He has one punch KO power and very fast hands.
He has trained with a number of the top coaches out there.

People have listed his past weaknesses as the mental side of things. He was obviously deeply affected by the kidnapping and murder of his sister.

In his last couple of fights he has seemed to be back in the right frame of mind. Will be interesting to see how he does against a top 5 middle weight, I see it being a big KO for Vitor.


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Back to Mr. Belfort!

Has he ever been a champion of Pride, UFC, or other organizations?


He was the UFC heavyweight champ before the weight classes were what they are now if I'm not mistaken. He's got quitters in both hands and throws flurries like no one else in mma. I mean he swarms on people when he sees blood. He's one of the few guys I think could give Silva trouble due to his aggressiveness and power but I'm not sure he'll beat Franklin, if that makes any sense. I like Franklin a lot, but I want to see Belfort come back and do some things. He's easily one of the most exciting fighters in mma.


Good thread we should do this with a few more guys, go back to the beginning of their careers and track their development. Try to post some more when I get back.


Lets not forget he had a tendency to kinda give up when things werent going his way even before that happened, watch his fight he lost to randy.

Vitor hits hard and fast, but lets not start comparing him to anderson....


Cockney blue raises a good point about his personal life stability
Its got to impact his training. He has had allot of rough spots.

It looks like he has a good camp - he should be riding a high wave of confidence too
after his last showing.


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Note: He only won the belt from Randy because he cut Randy's Eye Lid in the very beginning of the fight with a piece of something on the side of his glove, around the wrist.


You're no noob champ, it was accidental.

So wait...he has great hands, great BJJ, good take down defense, and physically impressive, but he can't take someone like Rich Franklin.

Well, Franklin was a great champion and he recently beat an intense fighter(Wanderlei Silva).


It's not that he can't, it's just not sure that he will. Aside from Silva [and maybe Henderson] Franklin's kicked just about everyone he's foughts ass. Talent wise Belfort's a stud, but as others have said I'm not sure he has what it takes mentally. This is a serious return fight, but the UFC obviously thinks highly of him.

Pretty sure he was gonna replace Barnett against Fedor before Affliction folded, or merged or whatever. That should speak somewhat about his game, especially considering the size disadvantage.


Definitely one of the most talented people in MMA. He was only 19 when he demolished Tank Abbott. I don't know many 19 year olds that could do that. He didn't earn the nickname "The Phenom" for nothing. A lot of questions have been raised about if he would live up to his potential or if he could come back after the kidnapping of his sister. He's looked great in his last 2 fights and he still has unreal hand speed.


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in my eyes vitor was or still is one of the most talented guys in mma. he was so young wen he started a run on the title and he just demolished all of them.

Then i think he became a vicitm of bad management. Nobody was there who told him there will come some old guys who fought wars. He always won so quick and everybody told him he is the best. Then the old wrestler wore him down, tested him in the deep waters and he lost.

there was nobody who rebuild him. told him it is some kind of a learning process. Vitor rapidly lost his grip in his career.

bad fights came ... strange career movements and so on.

But now he dropped down a weight class and rebuilt him on his own. if he is now a mental grown up and overcame his stepping stones he has the potential to quickly gain the title in the UFC. But i don't know if rich franklin is the best guy for the first fight in the cage after such a long octagon absence.

Maybe its a recipe for the next downfall. we will se (with a great fight garantee)


Belfort is a better boxer than Anderson. Anderson's kicking is better. I would say Belfort has better BJJ (have seen Belfort sparring live, never seen Anderson so maybe I misjudge him.)

When Belfort fought in the UK he used to come and train with Roger, he was being coached by Draculinho at the time and I had the pleasure of training with Draculinho a couple of times. That guy knows BJJ!

In terms of the mental side, when Belfort was first about, he was so much better a striker than anyone he faced that he felt invincible and that he didn't need to really train hard to win (cliché I know.) Seems like he now realises that the level of professionalism in the sport has gone up a few notches and training with Randy for a year is exactly what he needed.