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To those of you who follow UFC/K1/Pride fights, what are your thoughts on tomorrow’s Mirko CroCop Filipovic vs. Wanderlei Silva fight?

Mirko is a bad ass, I have not seen Silva. Mirko is probably hungry for a title so he may be extra tough to beat.

Thanks for your reply. I am asking this mainly because Mirko is from Croatia and so am I. Silva is also a bad mofo, and if I am correct he is undefeated.Mirko is indeed a great fighter, capable of everything(just think of his latest fights against Fujita and Mark Hunt). I would say Mirko has a little advantage,mainly because he is so damn hungry.

Silva is very tough, high energy and intense. I don’t know the other guy too well but he better be real good or he’s gonna take a serious beating.

I gotta throw my money in Mirko’s hat. I’m more familiar with him - he is indeed a Bad Ass. I’m not familiar with Silva - what’s his background? Wait, I can probably find info on him in the K-1 official site, right?

Draz: where can I find info on this fight? I’ve looked on the K-1 site - nothing. Well, nothing on Silva and nothing on this fight. ??? - Patricia :wink:

I’d have to give the edge to Silva of the fight. But Mirko has got an awesome physique! If I looked like that I’d be happy.

Silva is going to annhilate that guy.

This will be an ultimate fight,not K1 event. Mirko fights on both fields. You could check Silva’s website (www.wanderleisilva.com.br), but other than that I don’t know any useful sites(there are probably 1000s of japanese sites).

Silva won’t annihilate Mirko, because Mirko knows him very well, and he knows what he is up against. Although Mirko is stand-up fighter, his intense on-the-ground training was managed by non other than Royce Gracie (spell?) and Mark Jara(sp.?), who did a pretty good job preparing him for his Fujita fight which he finished in less than two minutes.

Draz, thanks for posting the site. Just checked it out…{{{OH MY GOD}}}}

Yup, Silva's a monster. THIS should be interesting..wish I could watch it.

After 5 rounds-no winner!!! Don’t you just hate when that happens?

Couple of things, Silva has been defeated (Vitor Belfort and Artur Mariano if not more) but as of late has been on a tear. CroCop is great in K-1 bot after his performance in mixed martial arts (with rules heavily bent towards Crocops favour) he should stick to kickboxing.

What did people think of Ninja vs Sperry or that monster Sapp?

FYI: Speaking of UFC/MMA, T-mag will publish an interview with Frank Shamrock this Friday.

That is good for Mirko, i hought that he would get killed after reading about Silva. He beat Sakuraba twice, who if I’m not mistaken beat Royce Gracie (fighting by Gracies’ rules I think), so I did not think he had much of a chance.

Looking forward to the interview with Frank Shamrock.

I missed the fight as I was working nights, but I was also surprised by the result. Silva is a pretty complete fighter; smart, strong, aggressive and well skilled. I’m also looking forward to the Frank Shamrock interview. He usually likes to throw out a few controversial things and he’s well spoken. I hope he’s going to fight again soon. I know he said he would in an recent interview.

The special rules in this fight were ridiculous. They should have fought under mma rules instead of mainly K-1 rules. Silva would have won this fight if it had judges. Silva pretty much dominated the bigger, heavier Crocop. I thought Crocop would have done better on the striking side but he didn’t. This just proves that striking in mma is totally different than striking in a pure striking sport. In mma Silva is a better striker than Crocop.

Silva also lost to Tito Ortiz in a championship bout @ the UFC. He is a very bad man though and, if I am not mistaken, he issued a challenge to Ortiz to come over and fight under Pride rules. That would be a great match. Sakuraba(spelling?) will be back soon–Silva broke his collarbone in their last fight. I look for the two of them to get it on again.

Our media’s coverage of the fight was non-existent.They said Silva was undefeated, and I saw later that wasn’t true. I was also surprised by the rules,especially when I heard about 5 rounds. I haven’t seen the fight yet, so I really cannot say who was better, or who would have won if they fought under different set of rules. My opinion is that Mirko underestimated Silva.

Silva would have definitely dominated even more if it was under regular Pride rules. You have to give Silva credit, he fought Crocop’s game and came out on top. Crocop seemed terrified of being taken down even though the rules state that the fighters were to be stood up if they were on the ground close to the ropes. Also Silva is a middleweight while Crocop is a heavyweight but that didn’t seem to stop Silva in this fight. He will fight anyone, anytime, under any rules.

CroCop is a great fighter, however he has this stupid habit of relaxing after a winning streak, while Silva is on alert all the time. I hope we will see another Silva-CroCop fight soon,this time under real Pride rules.