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Fight Training Starts Next Week

I’ll be back in the ring in a new weight class (although I went the wrong direction IMO but I’m no expert) on October 21, and two-a-days start next week.

High rep bodyweight exercises, heavy triples (I love those for building maximal strength while keeping volume down, and I learned it here), running, and of course lots of kickboxing, wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Saturdays are going to be my favorite days because my parents just bought a farm so I’ll either be doing The Bear in the gym or chopping LOTS of wood at their place. Should be fun.

Hopefully I don’t get cut on the first exchange this time and get a little more ring time in.

Good luck Melvin, you would have owned the last guy but shit happens, all part of fighting. What are you weighing right now?

best of luck to you smiley.

Thanks guys. Right now I’m about 183-184, but I’ll be fighting at 170. I’ll probably cut the last 6-7 pounds though, so I hopefully won’t be too thin and fragile.

I liked my chances in the last fight until I got cut, hopefully I’ll have a little better luck this time out. I’ll keep you guys posted on how training’s going.

Good luck good luck.