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Fight Tomorrow



I am competing in my first BJJ tournament tomorrow. The Hoosier Open in Indianapolis, IN. I'll be in the 193 lb white belt class.

I've used a lot of principles that I've learned on here to train for this, and I'm excited to give it a shot. Just wanted to shoot a thank you to everyone for their help.
Wish me luck!


Good luck amigo.


Good luck man! And seriously, break a leg...not your own of course.


Good luck man! Let us know how you do.


Best of luck to you! Keep us updated.


good luck let us know how you do


Hey my gym was gonna go to that, but too many people had to work. It would've been cool to meet you even though I would've been competing against you!

Marcello Monteiro has done a couple of seminars in my area. Cool guy and his BJJ is INSANE!

Good luck.


Good luck, dude. Remember to breathe!


good luck and stay safe!


Little late but good luck man! Much props to those who put it on the line!



Well fellas...good and bad news.

Good News-I made the weight I was aiming for...3 months ago I weighed 209 lbs, I weighed 191.2 lbs. I was aiming for making the 193 lbs class. So that was good practice for me. I also learned a lot and was much more aggressive than my first opponent, who got 3 pts then laid in my guard for 4 mins and refused to do anything but avoid submission.

Bad News-I lost both matches. Great learning experience and a lot of fun tho. My 2nd opponent was just a lot better than me right now.

Either way I'll be back to training hard and catching that 2nd guy. Thanks again for the wishes and I'll get them next time (with y'all's help of course.)


Don't sweat it. The exact thing happened to me in my first tournament. A good learning experience and motivation.


Back in April I competed for the first time, got smoked in 9 seconds my first match and my second match must've been far less than a minute. You did better than me man, lol. I cut 11 lbs to make 185 lbs beginner. I think next time I will cut to 170.

Good luck in the future and maybe one day I will see you on the mat.


You can learn a lot from losing to someone better than you are, as well as having a goal to shoot for in the future. A sort of competitive role model, if you will.

I wouldn't be concerned at all about losing 3-0 to a guy laying in your guard all night. I forgot who said it, but I once heard "I'd rather lose knowing my opponent was running for his life than win knowing I was running for mine."


I would of much rather of lost on points than have had to tap.


You live and you learn. Congratulations on your learning experience