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Fight to the Death?


Anyone here ever have a fight to the death? I've been in bar fights, knocked a drunken customer out with a nightstick while working in a liquor store, and sparred in many tournaments, but never been in one of these. Stories, anyone?



I killed an ant today. It was a tough little fucker but I came out on top.


Not yet, but it would be interesting... if I had a couple of extra lives


Can't say that I have.


Why would you want to? tournaments are sport and the drunk, nuff said.
Any life and death situation is messy and scary and if anyone tells you different,he's full of shit.
and anyone who has been in that type of situation wont be telling it here.
Unless its to prove what a dumb fuck he is.


Yeah, but I lost.


No, cant say that I have. I was scared shitless my freshman year of college though but it wasnt really a fight. I played bball in college and the team was in a slump so one of the haters at the school cafeteria had been making remarks. Normally, I dont let it bother me till he called my mother a Dutch whore. Needless to say I lost it and slammed his head on his dining tray about 4-5 times. He was knocked out, rushed to the hospital but turned out to be ok. For a second I thought I may have killed the kid. Welcome to the US for me. He did not press charges. I got suspended for 5 games and placed on probation by the school for the rest of the year. I had only been in the US for 3-4 months.

Havent really been in any other fights. Knocked a few people out but cant say they were real fights.



Vietnam. Not recommended for recreation.


I went to an American High School in England. There were 5 other American HS in the country so when you played football (American footbal) you had a long bus ride to the other school. Anyway, I was one of two freshman playing on the Varsity team (I was small but quick). We were on the way back to our base (the schools were on military bases) from an away game. We pulled in to a little town for a break and go the the bathroom. I came out of the bathroom and there is a huge brawl going on. I scared to death. What happened, right after we got off the bus, a bus load of drunk skinhead "hooligans" coming back from a soccer game pulled in and started messing the the cheerleaders and basically harrassing us for being American. I had never seen anything like this before or sense. Injuries on both sides. Being new to the country and only about 130lbs wet, I decided it was best for me to get back on the bus and not pick a fight with some crazy skinhead.


Yeah, kind of, but it wasn't up close and personal.

Q: How many Iraqi Vets does it take to change a lightbulb?

HH, man, I am sorry to say, I think that this question is in poor form. Those who have probally won't want to talk about it, those who answer are more than likely full of shit.


The only folks you'll find are cops and soldiers.

Otherwise, the winners are in jail and the losers are dead.


Well put, this is exactly what I was thinking.

Unless of course you fought some wild beast, then that would just be a kickass story with the condition you killed it barehanded or with a small knife.


Yeah, I regret asking it, esp if it brings back some terrible memory for someone. I'm an idiot.

Maybe the mods will pull the thing.



Agreed,I have known several people that had to do this to survive,and all of them except for one were real nice people.You wouldnt even know about it un less they considered you a close friend.these guys all tried to avoid trouble buy not going to bars etc.and whenever big mouth a-holes were around they would usually ignore them but you could see them getting restless.they didnt like to fight ,i guess they were afraid they would have to take somebody else out.These fellas looked at fighting sports like they were a waste of time,i guess they didnt have to prove anything to theirselves.


There was a quote from Arnold in relation to bodyvuilding, but it could be applied to anything.

He said when he was young, he was an asshole to everyone, and would start fights for no reason wherever he went, just to prove himself to the world. When he became the best in the world as far as physique, he stopped this, and evidenttly he looks back on it with regret. This is what he said-

[i]"When you have a BMW, you're always trying to race someone to prove how fast your car is, and you're always speeding around, showing off.

But when you have a Ferrari, you can stay in the slow lane, do 55, and not worry...because everyone else on the road knows that you can beat them whenever you want"[/i] -Arnold

It was from his book Education of a bodybuilder, which is just an excellent book all around.


I already told you. I fought a wild ant this morning. I killed it barehanded.

It would have done the same to me if it had the opportunity.


Salty Gunny: So there I was, 21 October Street, Mogadishu, 2000 screaming Somalis coming at me swinging machetes and throwing bricks. I had 10 rounds left, my driver only had a pistol, and my humvee was out of fuel.
2nd Lt: So what happened?
Salty Gunny: We died. (shrugs and drinks coffee)

I won't confirm or deny that I was that Second Lieutenant.


Great story! A Lieutenant needs to have a good sense of humor and thick skin.


Crazy bastards. I can't say I'm not impressed though.


WHAT? Where was this mentality in your politics threads?? :wink: