Fight to the Death

I’d rush and put him in a hold, then use his own bodyweight to help me snap his neck.

Of course, I’m not dumb enough to spell the technique out.

[quote]Fulmen wrote:
I’d rush and put him in a hold, then use his own bodyweight to help me snap his neck.

Of course, I’m not dumb enough to spell the technique out.[/quote]

Sais you.


Grab the punk and threaten his life unless BJ leaves, then break a couple of his fingers to show you mean business. Once they leave, move, they’ll be back.


Pay the guy what you owe him and call it a day.

First, I’d make fun of the guy for having a lame nickname like “Big J”.

Then, I’d push the “punk” out of my way, go inside my house, and lock that adjoining door.

I’ll obtain some sort of weapon (in my house, that would be a gun), and come back around to the outside of the garage.

The 2 “friends” sound pretty gay anyway based on their dialogue, so I’ll let them occupy “punk” and “Big J” for that minute.

Then, I shoot Big J in the leg. I win, and don’t face manslaughter charges.

[quote]StevenF wrote:
I’d pull out my nine and bust a cap in his ass. [/quote]

AK-47 the very best there is. When you absolutely positively got to kill every mofo in the room.

Samuel L.

triple10sets, you have one hell of an imagination.


[quote]Bauer97 wrote:

Then, I shoot Big J in the leg. I win, and don’t face manslaughter charges. [/quote]

Sean Taylor

Challenge him to a bench off and then crush his larynx when he asks for a spot.

I’d say, “Say helllo to my lil’ friend”… Then I’d simply pull my AA12 fully automatic Shotgun. And pump lead through PJ, duhh

model AA12 Shotgun fires standard 2.75-inch shot shells. The new model AA-12 fires all 3-inch (3") 12-gauge shotgun shells, including FRAG-12 grenade rounds (12ga). An AA-12/FRAG-12 weapon system/combo will likely offer any infantry force utilizing it a capability that no military force currently enjoys: relatively compact, lightweight, controllable (due to its use of Constant Recoil and other recoil-attenuation/mitigation mechanisms), and accurate man-portable full-auto HE/AP (High-Explosive /Armor-Piercing, a.k.a. Armor-Penetrating) grenade firepower for individual infantry warfighters.

Its like AT&T, reach out and touch someone… Never leave home without it.

This is going to get messy, and you’re going to lose at least one friend, but your friends suck anyway.

First, take one of your friends, preferably the one you like least, but time is a factor, so you may have to settle for whichever is closest and throw him at Big J. That friend is dead meat, but he should be able to buy you enough time to put the full plan in motion.

Second, you and the other friend rush the punk. Kill him as quickly as possible with whatever means you have at hand.

Third, while Big J is devouring your first friend you strip the skin and flesh from the punk’s bones, and remove the long bones from the arms and legs, the femurs, the humerous, and the tibia’s. These are the longest, and some of the strongest bones in the human body. Sharpen these long bones into daggers.

When Big J is finished eating, he will probably be satisfied and less aggressive. If it is winter, he would normally be hibernating so he may even take a nap, but be careful, he may just be faking to lure you in. Let him sleep for at least twenty minutes before you attack.

Fourth, when you rush in, keep your friend to the right and slightly in front of you. Stab at Big J’s eyes, throat and the soft lower portion of his belly.

Ponch says…

Offer Big J a bong rip and just cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell man.

Why were you doing curls?

This makes no sense…

Take your pants off and grab your junk and ask him if this is what he is looking for. I don’t know about anyone else, but no matter what someone stole from me, if he takes his pants off and shakes his dick at me, I will break the speed of sound getting the fuck outta there.

Of course Big J might also be a big homo, in which case you will probably be taking it up the ass.

[quote]Aragorn wrote:
“sorry we’re all out of cake”

“You mean my choices are…‘or death?’”[/quote]

I’ll have the chicken then!

Talk youy way inside, then when you get the chance knock both of them out.

Tie both of them up onto a “mounting station” and make sure to put ball gags in their mouths…

Then insert pre-timed explosives into their anus cavities and wait for them to wake up. Demand answers as you cut their fingers off and sear the stump with a cigar lighter from a car. When you’ve pumped all info out of them, walk away and push household detonator, exploding drug dealer and hired goon.

Anybody can do it, it’s quite easy!

Sometimes I sit at home and wonder whether or not there are actually individual people who sit at home and, successfully, think up the most mundane and self-degrading shit imaginable.

And here you are, posting it.

I hope you were doing big weight curls, cause Big J is about to eat some serious steel. Through the fuck’n weights at him. With that bar pinning his neck to the ground I guess you can pretty much have your way with him.

It was to the death right??

[quote]Ujjay wrote:
Wow this happened to me last week. I took care of Big J and the other dude by myself.[/quote]

you’re such a slut

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Man, you is on FIRE!

I thought somebody would get that. I actually referenced a little Pulp Fiction too. :slight_smile: