Fight to the Death

Imagine this…Your in a garage chillin out with two of your boy’s. The two of them are stoners, skinny as hell, your the best fighter there. You guys have been acting roudy lately, and have been smoking weed all day in the garage. Oh one thing, all the bud your smoking, you stole from a local punk and never paid for it. So without a care in the world you guys are laying back, relaxed like the pimps of the universe, as you do some curl reps to show off your “guns” to your two friends just to show off.

"Whooaa dude your hyooooge "sais friend #1 …"That is sick !!!"sais friend #2. Laughter fills the room and you guys decide to call up some girls that live around the corner. All the sudden out of no where you hear a crash at your garage door, and the door caves open. In charges a man none of you recognize, and immediately are struck by his size. 6"3 at least, solid muscle outweighing you by a good 20 lbs. In his hand he holds a switchblade.

At the opposite side of the garage there is the door that leads to your kitchen. That door opens ! Its the punk that you and your bro’s ripped off and he came through your house !!! He has a smirk on his face and sais “You guys thought you were slick ? Big J is gonna teach you a lesson”. The punk has no weapon,and you tell the two of your friends to take him down, you’ve got Big J. It all comes down to this, it’s either win or die. What do you do ?

[quote]triple-10sets wrote:
It all comes down to this, it’s either win or die. What do you do ? [/quote]

uh… win?

Wow this happened to me last week. I took care of Big J and the other dude by myself.

[quote]Billmelater138 wrote:
triple-10sets wrote:
It all comes down to this, it’s either win or die. What do you do ?

uh… win?[/quote]

Hmm, I think I may go for the death. But has this happened to you? and why not rush the dealer or w/e? And I really doubt you are going to get rushed for like an eighth of weed.

Also, you have weights, so throw them at BJ. Then hopefully you have those dumbbells that the sides screw off, so you can use it like a spear.

There’s one solution to this problem that is your best chance of survival. Im going to wait and see if anyone find’s it. Just go through the event in your mind and think what would be most logical.

^Its a curl bar I had in mind, but your right that is defenetly an option. This is a made up story of mine. I read a Donald Goines novel that had a situation similar to this where a guy had to fight an enforcer who outweighed him by 40 lbs, and they fought for a while in a garage and the enforcer’s partner just shot him. lol sad ending to a David and Golieth story.

Throw the bong water in Big J’s face (momentarily making him blink/blinding him), kick him in the balls as hard as I can, then hit him as hard as I can in the side of the neck (in the carotid sinus), while of course making sure to check the arm with the knife.

If he doesn’t go out by then, I’d already be looking for an equalizer (maybe a can of WD40 and my lighter= makeshift blow torch). Combine that with a tire iron, and Big J is either gonna be one sorry mofo, or he is gonna start running (if he even can).

Really though, what was the point of this thread?

Is this one of those “choose your own adventures” type deal?

I’d make sure the bus never gets below 50.

Were you smoking a “Big J” when you posted that?

I’d pull out my nine and bust a cap in his ass.

my fo’ fo’ makes sure all yo kids don’t grow!

id like to reiterate this tactic.

^Do they sell those at Wal-Mart ?

this explains every post by triple-10 sets

I think triple-10 should be renamed to triple-bong hits.

“sorry we’re all out of cake”

“You mean my choices are…‘or death?’”

[quote]Split wrote:
id like to reiterate this tactic.[/quote]

This is a good tactic. In fact it’s my favorite tactic. I recommend all stoners keep a flamethrower in their garage for emergency use…or if you have to light that really, reeeaaaallllllyyyy big doobie. You know, the one the neighbors could have used for a Navajo tipee.

[quote]Mutu wrote:
Is this one of those “choose your own adventures” type deal?[/quote]

Turn to page 12 to fight with your barbell as a bowstaff.

Hold on – is it Big John McCarthy? Because if it is, I figure I could reason with him and talk him out of it. Big John seems like a pretty nice, level-headed guy. We’d be sitting down, chilling and out and drinking beers in no time.