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Fight Saturday in Indiana

What’s up Nation,

I fight Saturday night in New Castle, IN against Jason Miller (no, not Mayhem). Fight time is at 7:30. Anyone interested in going, pm me and I get can get tickets to you. Thanks for all the stuff you guys post. I learn from it all!


well, while I certainly can’t drive near 2,000 miles to see you fight, best of luck to you on winning.


Tear it up!

have a great fight


You’re a good poster, and hopefully an even better fighter! Kick ass and post the vid!

Thank you!

have fun!

Well, unforunate update time. I lost. I went out and dominated round one fairly easily. I almost had him KO’d at the end of the round. In round two (admittedly I was getting tired), he landed two hard groin shots…this completed the transition to fatigue. I tried to survive for a bit after the 2nd shot, but got caught in a triangle and had nothing left to escape. Tough loss. My fault for not being in good enough shape. Rematch will be happening soon though and I will crush him for sure. :slight_smile: