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Fight Monkey Commercial Heavy Bag


any idea if this is a worthwhile bag to get? It is advertised on a store that the monkey website describes as a perferred retailer, so i suppose I should be suspicious of it being $100 cheaper there. It seems sturdy, but there is so little on the web I could find on it I am suspicious, or is it just a new product?


get one of these.

Its the best bag I have used. Its a little hard at first but give it time and it turns into a perfect thai bag. If you are just looking for a boxing style bag than maybe look elsewhere but if you can roll with a thai bag thats my recommendation.

thank you Bear for your advice. did you mean that if I didn’t get the KO Muay thai bag I should still get something other than the Fight Monkey?

I hope not, because I bought it. The KO was on sale for $170, American, and I figured after taxes and shipping, customs, it would run me up a fortune. There was a Muay thai bag at the same store I went, but it runs $189, and I wasn’t sure what more I was getting. That one is vinyl and this is billed as thick canvas, a commercial bag, so I thought it might be good for the long haul. It smells different than my 75lbs bag, so I wonder if that is an indication, although it is a very smooth surface, maybe it is just the dye to make it black.

I must have seemed like the crown stooge of the galaxy getting the thing home. I admit I am not up to full energy after being sick last Friday, and I hadn’t even eaten enough, so I struggled getting it to the bus stop, and the driver looked at me like I am an idiot (fine, there is a case for it). Still, a bus fare there and a transfer back to the transfer point, then I said fuck it and taxied for $10 direct to my place.

I set the chain assembly like my old one, hanging the bag decently high so I am not just hitting the top.

Sorry to keep this thread going, but is it inadvisable to use a steel cable for the tie down? I wonder because rope has some elasticity, steel has little and I wonder if it causes undue stress on the bag.

Canvas is supposed to have a bit of a smell, right? More when new I guess, it is just that it has a smooth surface and I thought canvas bags have a rough texture.

Again, I am sort of sorry to keep this thread going, but I have noticed there have been a few views and I ask if anyone might please view at least a little of these videos of me Monday and today doing drill on this bag. I know I need to improve in several areas by my own judgement, but a skilled eye is appreciated.