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Fight March 15, 2012


I've decided to fight my best friend.
This fight is gonna be fought ufc style with mouth gaurds and ufc gloves...
The venue is yet to be decided...

we've given each other 147 days...

ill be posting my training in here...training begins tomorrow october 21, 2011...6 am sharp...


Why, did you two have a lover's tiff?

This is stupid.

I bet the alarm goes off at 6am, you roll over, turn it off and go back to spooning your teddy bear. And I don't see it improving between now and the 15th of March.



Please don't.




The fight should be to the death and you should use brass knuckles instead of gloves. Winner fucks the others girlfriend.



that's the zuffa hype machine. don't forget to call your brahs from jersey shore and post the video on youtube about you doing that ULTIMATE CAGING FIGHTING


Snooki can be the ring girl.


she probably can't


im gonna start promoting the fight probably next week starting monday...lets see how many ppl i can get to come and watch me fight.

i didn't work out all weeekend....sooo ill start tomorrow
which is a sunday...seems like a good day to start

training will involve
lots of cardio --- running...swimming...jump rope
lots of core strength workouts --- situps, planks, hanging leg raise etc.
lots of powerlifting --- deadlift, bench, squat
lots of olympic lifting --- power snatch, clean and press
lots of specific bicep and tricep work with dumbells --- db pressing, db curling etc
lots of calf strength and development focus --- seated calf raise, standing calf raise etc
lots of body weight focus --- chinups, dips, pushups etc.

everyday ill throw together a workout with the elements above...and will log it here:)
if i add anything to my workout ill log it accordingly


yup, because all that specific bullshit for fighting is a waste of time right?

last time i was more worried about my deadlift than upping my punching stamina i gassed badly on the first round, lucky me the guy gassed too and we all end up on a bar brawl-like


Please don't. Seriously this time.


its a troll we are making this to easy let it die


Big surprise you missed training.

Great to see you are actually going to train "fighting stuff" which may help you.

Unless your name is Josh Koscheck and your mate's name is Jon Fitch, please stop this. I'm starting to feel embarrassed for you.


lots of specific bicep and tricep work with dumbells --- db pressing, db curling etc

read this from his post

then stop feeding the trolls