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Fight Fury with Fury - Angry Finnish Training


Hail from the frozen wonderland of Finland. I’m a fresh 25 year-old former fat person now pretending to be kind of strong or something. Current goal is to perform a 300kg RAW deadlift naturally and to beat a friend to benching 160kg.

I’m currently training 6 days a week both benching and squatting thrice a week and deadlifting once. After this current training block my training will shift more towards specializing in the deadlift. I would do that right now but I’m currently recovering from some pretty brutal infections and influenza so I’m going to get back on track with this block before that. Here’s today’s work:

Paused bench press
120,0kg 8 - Rep PR
115,0kg 4x2

Flat DB bench, chesticles with cables, chin-grip pulldown 3-5x8-12


185,0kg 7

Box squat
125,0kg 5x3

Unilateral row, hamstrings, twisting cable curl 3-5x8-12


Touch and go bench press
120,0kg 4x2, 1x6

Seated shoulder press
70,0kg 4x3, 1x14 - Rep PR

Ran out of time to do assistance work with close-grip bench but finished band side raises and band pullaparts at home.

I had it in me to do a 100% sure easy 8 on the bench, but on the second rep of last set, I accidentally let the bar way too low on my chest which screwed the entire set up.

On the shoulder press, I was 95% sure that I would breeze through the 15th rep but the bar apparently quadrupled it’s mass just a few centimeters before finishing the move. I got the bar up but I don’t really count racking the right side of the bar first and then finishing the left side as a full rep. From now on, no more reps unless it’s 1500% sure.

MFW shoulders are burning.


Front squat
90,0kg 4x2, 1x8

Barbell row
90,0kg 5x8

Power shrug
8’s from 60,0kg to 200,0kg with 20,0kg jumps

Haney shrug, standing calves, standing cable crunch 3-5x8-12

Lower back and glutes were banged as hell after front squats for some reason so I took it pretty light on the barbell rows. Ended up getting a bit carried away with power shrugs though :sweat_smile:


Paused bench press
107,5kg 7x5

Incline DB bench, pushdowns, cable rows, hammer curls 3-5x8-12


147,5kg 4 - Rep PR
135,0kg 4x2

Leg extension, leg press, back extension with bands, random ab work 3-5x8-12

Normally I wouldn’t do leg extensions at all but starting next week, there won’t be box squats on Tuesday anymore so why the fug not.


Paused bench
130,0kg 3
125,0kg 4x2

Flat DB bench, chesticles with cables, chin-grip pulldowns 3-5x5-10


190,0kg 5

Deadlift-stance box squat
130,0kg 5x1

Unilateral cable row, hamstrings, twisting cable crunch 3-5x5-10

Absolutely no drive while deadlifting so it didn’t go as well as planned.


Touch and go bench
130,0kg 4x1, 1x3

Seated shoulder press
85,0kg 4x2, 1x7-8 - Rep PR

Dips, side raises, band pullaparts 3-5x5-10

Lost count on shoulder presses but it was a crushing rep PR anyway. I’m kind of disappointed with the bench as I was forced to use a bullshit bar which robbed me of at least one more rep.


Front squat
92,5kg 4x1, 1x6

Barbell row
110,0kg 5x5

Barbell shrug, standing calf-raise, standing cable crunch 3-5x5-10


Paused bench press
115,0kg 8x4

DB incline bench, triceps, cable row, biceps 3-5x5-10


150,0kg 4 - Rep PR
137,5kg 4x2

Leg press, hyper deadlift, ab wheel 3-5x5-10


Paused bench
135,0kg 2 - Rep PR if I recall correctly
125,0kg 4x2

Flat DB bench, chesticles with cables, hammer-grip pulldown 3-5x5-10

On the second rep of the bench AMRAP set, the descent wasn’t controlled enough which robbed me of at least one 100% sure rep. Perkele.


200,0kg 4 - Rep PR

Deadlift-stance box squat
140,0kg 5x1

Unilateral cable row, DB side bend 3-5x5-10

Last time I pulled an AMRAP set with 200,0kg, I did three reps in a row, collected myself for a moment and pulled a fourth rep. This time I did all four reps one after another.


Touch and go bench
135,0kg 4x1, 1x2 - Rep PR

Seated shoulder press
90,0kg 4x1, 1x5 - Rep PR

Dip, DB side raise, rear-delt fly 3-5x5-10


Front squat
100,0kg 4x1, 1x5

Barbell row
115,0kg 5x5

Barbell shrug, calf press, standing cable crunch 3-5x5-10

Doing shrugs is a pain in the ass. No matter how strict form I use, I still have to load up to 180,0kg on the bar if I am to get any stimulation for my traps at all. Sucks for the rest of the body though.


Paused bench
120,0kg 10x3

DB incline bench, rolling DB extension, seated cable row, curls 3-5x5-10

Dear diary, today’s workout was brutal as fvck. Love, The Furious One.


157,5kg 3 - Rep PR
145,0kg 2x1

Leg press, back extensions with bands, weighed ab wheel 3-5x5-10

Went up to 400,0kg with leg press today and it felt extremely light for some reason.


Light week before hitting new training maxes.

150,0kg 1

Paused bench
125,0kg 1

I’m still banged as hell after last week so even these numbers weighed a fuckton.


135,0kg 1

Paused bench
112,5kg 1

Last bit of light work before Saturday’s bigger numbers.