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Fight Football


Hey Guys,

Not sure if this has been posted before, I searched and didn't find anything.. But this seems to be the most manly thing I've seen in a while and I figured I'd share.. They have some quarters of games on youtube, it's pretty entertaining / amazing.



that looks fucking awesome


Indeed, some of the comments on youtube are pretty awesome too haha


This will be really cool when elementary kids start playing this at recess.


pfffft...no weapons or lions lol.

Seriously though that was nuts, I'd pay money to see that for sure. What do you watch?, dudes beating the tar out of each other or scores. Can you imagine the fans at a match lol. There would be alsmost as many fights in the stands as on the field!


Good, maybe they'd stop wearing skinny jeans and stop trying to look like Zac Efron and start doing man things.


The only way to top this would be to stage it in prison and make the games last until someone dies. Pure awesomeness!!!!


So it's like football, rugby and MMA rolled into one? Someone will die by the end of the first season and it'll get outlawed.


^Nah UFC started somewhere right? So this looks like to took precautions (gloves, etc) so it might hang around for a bit. Now all they have to add is a womens league for total awesomeness.


I love fast-paced team sports, and I love fighting sports, but mixing them to such an extent might not work

Fighting in hockey is great because in an average game you might see one or two scraps, which are brief, exciting, and serve to punctuate the game.

Sometimes box lacrosse takes it too far. I've been to some NLL games where a fight breaks out seemingly every 5 minutes and it gets to the point where you actually want them to play the damned game.

I hope this "fight football" succeeds, but I'm picturing a demise similar to the XFL.


It looks like they've based it on this, Calcio Storico Fiorentino...


There is something wrong with these doods.


Hahaha, that's awesome! The best part is 2:49. That guy dropped like a sack of bricks.


It does look amazing eh! I've contacted the promoter about a try out, going to make a sort resume and send it in. Italy summer 2011 baby!

Also, I posted this clip on the Ross Enamait forum, it was thoroughly trolled.

T-Nation is clearly the place to be, what kind of ass hats make fun of the most manly sport in history!


Your post there says you played 10 years of Rugby for the best club in Canada. What club was it?


James Bay Athletic Association, JBAA baby!


Nice. Good luck with the tryout!


Hmm...thinking long term here, it does look cool, but they might want to invest in Headgear. If they had a full season of play the whole team would have concussions.


We played a game like this on the wrestling mats in practice. Minus the striking. We just called it ball game.


Was going to post this until I saw your post,

"Originally, calcio was reserved for rich aristocrats[3], who played every night between Epiphany and Lent. In the Vatican, even Popes, such as Clement VII, Leo XI and Urban VIII were known to play."