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Fight Club/Calvin and Hobbes


I found this amusing.


I FUCKING LOVE CALVIN AND HOBBES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously though, greatest comic strip ever, hands down.


No one post the calvin on ridilin thing cuz I will get the major sad.


Too late.
got sad just thinking about it.


Agreed. I had every book they put out as a kid. Haven't read 'em in probably 15+ years, but I'm gonna see if I can find 'em and re-read 'em.


It really, really is. I saw the complete boxed set of Calvin and Hobbes at Barnes and Noble the other day and my wife had to drag me away in chains to stop me from buying it (mostly because I have them all already).


Not calvin and the ritaliin comic, but amusing though.



I have a bunch of the books from ages ago.


I have all the books and recently got my daughter and son reading them after stumbling over them on a shelf.




You bitch, you mentioned it so I looked it up and now I'M sad.

I will add that I, too, think Calvin and Hobbes is probably the best comic strip ever. Great not only for the fact that it made you laugh, but every now and then it made you really think, too.


I wish Watterson would bring him back, but I'm sure he's permanently done with it. I'm glad that it never got over-commercialized and turned into a cartoon or an animated movie or even a live-action movie. Some things are better off just the way they are, and Calvin and Hobbes is definitely one of those things.

In a way, I think that in some small part I am who I am because I read those comics since I was old enough to read. When kids were coming to school in first grade with Richard Scarry picture books or some shit like that, I was coming to school with Something Under the Bed is Drooling and a pocket dictionary to learn what words like "nefarious" and "transmogrifier" and "stupendous" meant.

I think all of those books should be mandatory reading for grammar school kids of all ages. There's a message about human nature and the world we live in contained within most of the storylines, and the ones that don't are so funny it doesn't matter, including anything with Rosalynn the babysitter in it. The only other thing I can really think of for kids that has such great entertainment value AND actually strives to say something that kids can learn and pick up on is Fraggle Rock.


Fraggle Rock. Dude, you're taking me back.


Calvin is banging nails into the coffee table and his mom comes in and screams "What are you doing?" Calvin looks up and answers "Is that a trick question?" Great comic.


that's the one i tried to post above



Only my lovers are allowed to call me a bitch!
I will make you one exception... only because that comic is so fucked up.



The thing I didn't really appreciate about Calvin and Hobbes when I was a kid is that Watterson is a world class illustrator.

Even the non-fantasy panels routinely blow my mind.


Every problem in the country today, whether it be a societal, economic, political or cultural one, can be traced back to a few key factors:

No more Fraggle Rock
No more Muppet Show
No more Calvin and Hobbes
No more Hanna Barbera cartoons
No more John Bonham
No more Miles Davis
Too much CGI in movies
Too many video games


You forgot EtchaSketch and that thing where you trace circles around a shape and get some cool pictures.


They still have those, don't they?