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Fiesta Bowl Commentary

I just wanted to start the inevitable thread… As a Virginia Tech guy I was rooting for our fellow Big East team, Miami, but oh well, no biggie. It was an outstanding game. I think Miami should have won skill wise, but O State just wanted it more. Not to mention Miami’s weak D…

One could argue about the bad pass interferance call causing Miami to lose, but it seemed to me there was a possible holding or facemask call there anyway, so I’m not sure how much diff it woulda made.


Well, it’s obvious that the best team did not win the game, but that’s due to several factors. Miami lost the game because of the turnovers. It’s difficult to turn the ball over 5 times and beat a team. Not to mention the phantom pass interference call. Ohio St. played their best game, but it was Miami’s game to lose.

Ohio State won the game with a tenacious defense. 30 tackles for loss took Miami totally out of their comfort zone. They shut down McGahee which made Dorsey force to many throws. It comes down to the Buckeyes wanted it more.


That was one of the worst calls I saw in my life. Although when it comes down it Ohio state defense did prove to be out on top in the end. But I doubt if I called the best defense because the did let the Canes score 24 points. Neither defense was great! Both offense were good. Just that the Ohio got lucky on a pass interfernce call. If this was a defensive game it would be low score.

If the Miami defender would have turned to find the ball, it would have been a no call. Since he did not, he was called for face-guarding, which is an interference call. You can have contact if you both are going for the ball. the Miami player wasn’t. It was a good call.

As I recall,the score at the end of regulation was 17-17, the lowest score of the season for Miami and the fourth lowest score for the Bucks. Any team should score,given the ball at the 25. I would say that it was a defensive game.

I’d have to say it was a matter of miami never showing up. Often this year they have played down to their oppenents only to turn it on late. Only, late in this game they had no McGahee which made them one dimensional. OSU has squeeked by in several games this year and were taken to overtime by illinois. There is no way OSU is the best in the nation; however they showed up on a night when miami didn’t. Hats off to them…
As for the interference call, I wouldn’t have called it but I can see why some people might have. If it had not been called OSU would be complaining instead of miami.

What an Awesome game. How can you say OSU is not the best team in the nation? Do you want them to play best 2 out of 3? 5 out of 7? When does it end? Simple fact is OSU won and that makes them the best. GO BUCKS

I wanted to see Miami win just because I’d rather keep the championship in the state of Florida. But I wasn’t unhappy that Ohio State won either. Yes, there were some bad calls, and Miami could and probably should have won, but at least the game was played hard. And this is how a championship game should be. It came down to the last three seconds in the fourth quarter to tie the game and then go into double overtime. You can’t beat that. Either way, I was fine with whoever won. It was a helluva game. And hey, Miami won last year, so why not share? Besides, they will come back strong again next season. And hopefully, my freakin’ Gators will shape up too!

It’s easy to say that OSU is not the best team. That’s an opinion. Does the winner of the NBA championship always win the first game of the series? No. I think the BCS put the two most deserving teams in the national championship game and that Ohio State won the game, thus they are national champions. Do I think Ohio State would win a series of games with Miami? Not a chance. Do I think they should play more than one game? No way in hell. Ohio State deserves the title for playing like champions on that day. It was Miami’s championship to lose, and they did just that.

Ok I’ll buy that. However I think being National Champs indicates who the best team is.

People were saying that OSU wasn’t even the best team in the Big Ten and yet they kept on winning. Then they weren’t suppossed to be able to play with Miami and yet they beat them as well. OSU found a way to get it done all year long, week in and week out. They deserve the glory they have won.

Don, don’t mix the NFL rules with the NCAA rules. I believe you are allowed to faceguard in college as long as you don’t make contact.

If you watch the replay close, the defender had ahold of the facemask, could have been a facemask call. Anyway, what I found out later was that theref. who made the call actually caled the call on a holding/interference before the reciever and the defender crossed into the endzone.