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Field Nutrition


Hey all, first time poster. I'm currently in the Army, stationed at Camp Greaves, Korea. I go to the field for upwards of one week just about every two months or so. I have two questions, somewhat related. 1) MRE's leave much to be desired, what foods would you suggest I take to the field with me to supplement the hot chow we get out there? I am already taking jerky, mixed nuts, and will soon be taking grow bars. 2) My job often makes it impossible to eat >3 meals a day even when in the rear. Should I simply increase the size of the meals I can fit in or should I rely on bars/jerky/nuts/etc? I don't have easy access to a commissary / grocery store, so I rely on the internet for most of my supplies. Thanks in advance.


I usually throw some canned chicken in my backpack, when out for the day just in case. all you need is a fork. some salt helps too.