Fibula Surgery - Pointers and Programs?

I fractured my fibula and had surgery (screws, plates, tendon repair) 3 weeks ago. I’m finally off crutches and in a walking boot. The fracture happened actually 5 weeks ago, so I’ve been out of the game for 5 weeks now.

I was in my 4th cycle of 5/3/1 when the injury happened. I can’t do any lower body yet, at least not heavy for another 6 weeks. I was wondering if anybody has had a similar injury, maybe some pointers, motivation or programs to try/use.

I went to the Arnold this past weekend and decided I had to start lifting again. So now that I’m in a boot I decided to try this for the next 6 weeks until lower body can be implemented again.

Mon- Back
Tues- Chest
Weds- Off
Thurs- Shoulders
Fri- Arms

Any tips, programs or other ideas on how to get back in the game with no lower body work?

Nothing huh