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This might sound like one of the most ignorant questions ever posted on this board, but I’m going to risk it anyway.

Is there any reason to believe that changing the structure of fiber will change the way it is handled in the digestive system? To be more clear, I consume a “homemade weight gainer” three times a day that contains:
Pineapple Juice (just a bit for flavoring)
Cottage Cheese
Cooked Oatmeal
Almond Butter

I have no problems with “digestive motitility” (I go at least once a day), so that is not my concern. I’m just wondering if I’m getting the full beneficial effects of the fiber from the oatmeal even after blending it…


Your digestivwe fluids are going to do more to the fiber than any blender.

So no dont worry about the blending. If you look at fibers like guar and xatham gum they are a very fine pdr.


As I said, what an ignorant question. I didn’t even think about fiber supplements such as Metamucil, and the fact they are powders…Oh well, thanks for not bashing me.

No prob.

Just try not to sweat the small stuff so much.