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Fiber + ZMA = No Hangover?

Not to big of a drinker but I’ve noticed when I take psyillium husk with ZMA it prevents a hangover. Does the fiber soak up the alcohol? I’ve heard that alcohol disrupts your sleep and maybe the ZMA gets you into a deeper REM. If you have any studies with this I’d appreciate it. Thanks

Fiber in the stomach, intestine makes sense as it would probably slow down the absorption of ethanol and allow the various enzymes not to be momentarily overwhelmed and therefore reducing the accumulation of acetaldehyde and reducing the total dose of ethanol reaching the bring following liver first pass biometabolism therefore reducing the acute withdrawal symptoms of the next 24-48h.

As for zinc/magnesium, from wikipedia on hangover:

Magnesium: It is well studied that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to a magnesium deficiency, or reduce levels of magnesium, as well as depleting zinc and other minerals. Individuals with lower magnesium levels may experience more severe hangovers. A healthy diet that contains an adequate intake of magnesium and other minerals may help in the long term to reduce the effects of hangovers. The hangover symptoms of headache, and light and sound senitivity, are very similar to those of migraine. A common treatment for chronic migraine headaches is magnesium. Some scientists hypothesize that a hangover may be exhibiting at least some symptoms of an acute magnesium deficiency.

Interesting stuff.

Hope that helps a bit

Yes fiber does slow alcohol’s absorption. Good for hang overs, bad if you want to get really fucked up. After a high fiber meal it seems like beer is no more powerful than water at times.

ZMA would help replace some of the nutrients alcohol flushes out.

This would help eliminate hang overs as well.

The best way to eliminate a hang over that i’ve found is to be sure you are well hydrated before you go out boozing, drink lots of water when you get home, take a multi vitamin (a good one will replenshish the same flushed out vitamins and minerals that ZMA will plus more) and an anti oxident as well.

Thanks guys I appreciate your time and answers.