Fiber When Calculating Carbs...

Do you subtract fiber from total carbs to obtain net carbs for diets on this site (I’m using the T-Dawg Diet 2.0), or do you include fiber in diet calculations?

Fiber is not digestible hence no net caloric increase. I wouldn’t count them.

[quote]MC sp3 wrote:
Fiber is not digestible hence no net caloric increase. I wouldn’t count them.[/quote]

I’d really like to have this confirmed once and for all, I’ve heard figures such as 3cal and 2cal per gram chucked around apparently there are fibres in your intestines that do feed or utilise fibre and so it does have some energy. While I guess it can’t be metabolised into glucose like protein, fat and carbs I think that’s why it’s value is dropped to compensate for that fact.

So I guess I have two questions what are relevant :

a) On a label carbs include fibre yes ?
b) Does fibre actually add to your caloric intake ?

Fiber has no real effect on insulin levels, so if you’re doing a low carb / keto diet, you can get away not worrying about fiber, or green veggies.


Thanks for the responses. I’ll keep the carbs to morning oats and post-workout and ignore my fiber/green veggies.

you take out the veggies from the diet and you’ll have bigger problems to worry about than insulin

I meant I would ignore the carbohydrate contribution of my veggies, I would never remove them completely, heh.

Quick question regarding carbs/fibre and reading food labels

If the label for example shows (figures made up):

Pro: 20g
Carb: 20g
of which sugars: 4g
Fat: 20g
of which sat: x
of which mono: y
of which poly: z
Fibre: 10g

Do i read it as 20g carb including 10g fibre or 20g carb + 10g fibre?

20g carbs including the fiber