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Fiber/Vegetables and Total Daily Carbs?


When counting carbs in your macros, do you subtract the Fiber carbs fro the total carb counts?

For example: Flat Out Mutli grain w/flax

Total Carbs = 17
Fiber Carbs = 8

Do I count the 17 or do I count 9 grams of carbs towards my macros?

Also, what vegetable are considered "not countable carbs" meaning do not count those carbs towards your macros?

Thanks in advance


Everyone has a different idea on this.
IMO....start by counting everything toward your carb totals.


If you can count both, do so, digestible is the only one to worry about for lower carb diets. 50g digestible and 50g fiber is very different from 90g digestible 10g fiber if you are trying to go for a keto-like diet. On the flip side, if you need to hit a certain higher amount of carbs, don't count fiber towards that total.

Either way it is more important to note what level of food intake causes what changes and how you react to certain foods. This will get you further than trying to hit a macronutrient level.


I just don't see the point in me ever counting green veg. I eat the same amount each and every day..it's consistent and not something I'm going to nor willing to change. Therefore, why count it?? I'll just treat it as an invisible constant variable.

Think of it this way..if I eat 2 bags of steamed broccoli per day..and I don't calculate this ever. Without adding this in, say I total 2500 calories. I start getting fatter...do you think I'm going to adjust by lowering my broccoli intake? Fuck no I'm not. I'd adjust by lowered the amount of potatoes I eat or rice or something of that sort...therefore, why the fuck bother counting it if it's something that will always be there?


Your level of 'intimacy' with yourself is much deeper than most lifters ever reach over the course of a decade, let alone when beginning. Once someone has the understanding of how to manage/manipulate their macros like you do, your approach is solid. In my reply I mentioned " start by..." and believe that most people benefit from the 'exercise' of weighing & counting to learn the relationship between volume, calories and the impact on digestion, energy levels, and body comp.
Nice avi....who did the art?


Well I think it's consistent and not something I'm going to nor willing to change. Therefore, why count it?? I'll just treat it as an invisible constant variable


While I don't subtract fiber content from regular carb sourced foods (items that contain fiber as well as other carbs sources), I pretty much ignore any pure fiber items, ie. green veggies, lettuce etc.

My thinking is that the body will work so hard trying to find any actual nutrients in them, that it will always expend more cals anyway and usually find nothing in the end that it can even use.



Haha..it's an app on my iphone..Adds a ton of contrast. My "cuts" look nowhere near that good on the day to day (which I'm assuming you realize lol).

I totally agree with you by the way..and someone who's been in this game as long as you have is definitely better to give advice to the younger guys like the OP and me. I think for the sake of my sanity I choose to just never count greens, because I enjoy them a great deal and they provide a much better level of fullness for me. I feel if I started counting them and saw I was eating 50-75g more carbs just in the numbers..I may be apt to skimp on my veg intake. That wouldn't be good because from a health standpoint, it's probably good that I eat as much roughage, and broccoli etc as I do..

I know if I saw the numbers add up that I'd probably be more apt to drop a bag of broccoli so I could have some extra rice or starch, lol..because I'm a fiend for the carbs man..haha


I tend to believe it depends on you and your body type.

Are you the kind of person whose physique will be altered if you don't meticulously track these macros?

Or are you the kind of person whose physique will not be altered if you don't meticulously track these macros?

I seriously don't understand half the damn questions here. Majoring in the minors for real.