Fiber That Doesn't Make You Fart

Okay, here’s the problem- every good fiber source that I can think of also makes me fart more than once or twice.

Are there any which don’t do that to you? Besides taking it in pill form (I haven’t tried that yet, as I’m worried that pills will also cause problems)

Dude farting is awesome, I don’t know why you’d want to stop.

[quote]PB Andy wrote:
Dude farting is awesome, I don’t know why you’d want to stop.[/quote]

Sometimes people don’t want to be around me when I fart, and people give me money, so I have to make them like being around me.

Sugar-free orange metamusil…or “Wal-musil” if shop at Walgreens like I do. Food wise, you might drink more water with your meals, or you may just need time for your body to adjust to a new food???
Or just learn to enjoy a nice picnic OUTSIDE once in awhile…

What are you taking? Like mentioned above, Orange Metamucil is harmless enough. I’ve had bad experiences with ground flax seed as a supplement, though.

Wet farts are the worst… Closely followed by those farts that you aren’t sure if they are wet or not. It really makes you self conscious!

I started taking some fiber tablet that I now forget the name of and it actually helped with this. I guess it helped bind everything together? Then again my problem might be more a slight lactose intolerance.