Fiber Suppliments

With a high protein, moderate carb diet I find it really hard to get much fiber by the end of the day. I’m aiming for 20-30g per day (which I find I don’t get from whole foods) so I’m looking into fiber supps to mix into my protein shakes. Anyone else do this or suppliment their fiber in some other way? The local health food store sells two brands: one expensive one in a glass jar that’s a mix of fiber from like 15 different sources . The other brand is a pretty cheap plastic tub of stuff that looks like saw dust (kinda) and is just made of sillium husks. Any thoughts or favorite brands?

Just get the cheap stuff. I use psyllium husk in all of my shakes when dieting. Good fiber source, and makes the shakes nice and thick so they fill you up. Hope this helps.

Kashi Go Lean. 2 servings = 240 calories, 20g fiber (almost all of it insoluble, fwiw), 16g protein (a teeny bit of soy here for you anti-soy nuts). Tastes pretty good, especially w/Splenda on top.

go for the sawdust … I’ve had good “results” from Colon Cleanse. While on a low carb diet, I agree with Shugart thta you don’t wanna waste carbs on a damn fiber supplement. Also, if mixed with protein powder and maybe some natural peanut butter, it really thickens the shake and you hardly taste the sawdust! Good Luck.

As others have alluded to, opt for the sugar free version, you won’t the taste difference when combined with vanilla protein powder. Walmart brand is probably the cheapest.

Bigger is not always better. Once, while supplement shopping, I spotted a product called “Colon Cleanse”. I remembered that Chris Shugart had given it a favorable review in Stuff We Like, so I thought “Why not?”

Then I spotted it. Right next to the bottle of Colon Cleanse was…(ready for this?) SUPER Colon Cleanse. I thought, “What the hell? I have a super colon, so Super Colon Cleanse is the stuff for me!”

Wrong. Dead wrong. I don’t know what regular CC tastes like, but SCC smelled vile and tasted even worse. I always thought that pure psyllium husk should have no flavor, but alas this stuff did. It was as bitter as anything I’ve ever tasted, and I ended up gagging over the sink. Just stick with the cheap stuff and you should be fine.

Demo Dick

I buy psyillum from the bulk section of my local health food store. An old surge bottle makes a good storage canister.

Psyllium’s alright, but my personal preference is guar gum powder. Soluble fiber, no gritty consistency, and it increases insulin sensitivity. I get mine from Beyond A Century, but you can find it at many health food stores. GNC isn’t allowed to sell it so you won’t find it there. I don’t mix it with my shakes but take it with plenty of water 15 min. before a couple of meals each day.

Fibre-Psyll. It was reviewed in Stuff We Like. You can get it from It tastes like slightly pulpy lemon-lime Gatoraid. It’s pretty cheap and tastes pretty good. A 1 1/2 tsp serving has about 12 grams of fiber, with half coming from insoluble psyllium and the other half coming from fibersol-2, which is a new type of soluble fiber made from corn starch. I highly recommend it.

Thanks guys, I just bought some psylium husks today…I gotta say they take some getting used to, I tried cooking about a tablespoon into my morning oatmeal just as an experiment and it came out like jello. I’ll try it uncooked in a protein shake next time. Anyway it brings up another question, does anyone know how many grams of fiber are in a teaspoon or tablespoon of this stuff?

The absolute best fiber you can put into your diet is a fiber that is BOTH soluble and insoluble.There is only fiber that is like that and it is a fiber made from Flax seed no matter if you use the liquid or a powder.
You can go to which IMO has the bestthere is bar none.They press their liquid daily and it is a poten fiber that you can mix if you want in your shakes but would recommend youtake a tablespoon orally.It is very high in Lignan which is what gives you high does of omege 3,6,9.
They also make Forti-Flax which is a coarse powder that you can mix too or sprinkle on darn near anything such a cereal or yogurt etc.
One reason to not mix it in a shake is because ittends to block the absorbtion of the protein you are drinking.
Good luck and I hope this helps.Also alot of people have a hard time with physilium based fiber.

– Jaguarr