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Fiber Questions


I'm trying to get more fiber in my diet without appreciably increasing carbs

Before bed I consume Metabolic Drive and Fish Oil. In general I'm trying to increase my fiber intake and I've never heard of anyone eating green veggies before bed so I'm curious as to whether there would be any drawback to adding them to this pre-bed meal?

What are the best fibrous vegetables (in terms of ratio of fiber to total carbohydrate)?
From my research I've gathered: cauliflower, spinach, any greens, cabbage, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, avocados
Others that are good?


Have you heard of miracle noodles? http://miraclenoodle.com/

For veggies with a good carb:fiber ratio, I think you have a pretty good list there. I don't see any draw backs, but I also admit that I haven't tried eating a bunch of fiberous veggies right before bed. I could foresee you ending up not digesting the veggies fully leaving bacteria to have at it, which would give you some gas. You could also take a low carb and low gas causing fiber supplement (citrucell I think).

I wouldn't personally eat avocados before bed, at least not in appreciable amounts (due to the fat).


They are ALL good. Seriously, aim for as much variety as possible when it comes to vege intake.

Also look into adding Benefiber to you pre-bed protein.


I was wondering the same thing. I have cut bread and pasta out of my diet, but am having trouble with "movement" down low and seem to be getting bloated (don't know if its to much veggies or to little fiber?). Has anybody else had to deal with this as a result of low carb diets? Whats the best solution? I already started taking some Metamucil and Flax Seed, what more should I put down the hatch?


In Chris Shugart's blog section there is a great recipe for flax bread that might work for you.


When I make it, I make it as muffins and add cocoa, coconut and cinnamon.


There's actually a wheat tortilla i use with breakfast (normally pop my omelet of eggs, diced onions, and deli meat on top of the tortilla and sometimes throw some hummus inbetween aswell) that is a 21g fiber tortilla.


Jesus fuck. I'm gonna go some of those tomorrow... would be a good addition to my breakfast instead of oats.


Why not keep it simple and just add Flax to your protein shakes?


The flax bread looks pretty good. Thanks for the recipe, I'll give that a try!
What else do you guys do with flaxseeds? Sometimes I just chew them but there's something not quite right about that

Ultimately I think it makes sense to get fiber from the most fibrous veggies rather than magic tortillas and shit because you get the other benefits too. Fiber One is pretty good in fiber ratio but ultimately is pretty nutritionally empty

The miracle noodles seem like they're pretty empty in fiber, you get like 2g per box


Sugar-free orange flavored Metamucil


how about 1/2 tsp of real cacao powder. Great taste & it's full of antioxidants, kind of high in fiber & some protein. or Metamucil like one poster mentioned.