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Fiber Quesion

So I think I read somewhere (on here) that Fiber can actually help alleviate Diarrhea…

When I did a search I realized it would take me forever to look through the 2000 posts that have to do with Fiber.

So, does anyone have any knowledge on this? Does not enough fiber actually cause one to get the Squirts? Does to much fiber do the same?

What Fiber supplementation do people recommend here?

As a aside, I just started the V-diet yesterday, and after doing my math for calories for the day I didn’t get enough Fiber. Roughly half the amount I should of gotten.


If you have read anything about the V-diet (specifically, the thread Shugart started) you will find your answers in the first couple of pages. Guar gum, psyllium husk, flax seeds (ground or milled).

Can you get the squirts from not enough fiber? Usually, no. However, it really depends on the person. Can it help you stop the squirts? Yes. It helps bind things together.

If you have diarrhea that is persistent, there is another issue that is likely causing it, rather than low fiber. You have a medical condition, see a doctor. If they don’t help see another one.

It could be as simple as stress. Some people have very twitchy adrenal activity and this can lead to the stomach upset. You could also be worrying yourself sick, similar to stress, but internal rather than external primary causes (though there is great overlap between environmental and mental stresses).

It could be a lingering stomach bug, food allergy/intolerance, an imbalance of bacteria in your stomach… the list goes on. We really do not have the ability to accurately answer your questions without knowing about your case history.

If your diarrhea is transient rather than ongoing and you are otherwise healthy, then you might want to try to attack the problem, here is how I deal with upset stomach:

  1. No booze, sugar, wheat
  2. Betaine HCl and digestive enzyme blend prior to meals
  3. yogurt 1-2 cups (plain real yogurt - I get an organic one because it has more types of bacterial cultures than any other one at the store I shop at), possibly a probiotic supplement, and ground flax seed(there is some fiber in here and I am liberal with its use)

I can usually get the next meal down and passed fine, but take the Betaine HCl, digestive enzymes, and probiotic supplement to support the ongoing repair of the stomach.